Why you should convert your article to video

Video marketing is not effective unless done exceptionally well. Over 70% of marketers state that video converts more leads to sales. That is because videos hold the advantages of both text and images.

Video is rapidly displacing text as the preferred marketing tool for products. While consumers tend to watch around 206 videos each month, executives believe that they will choose video if both are available. Here we have listed some of the reasons to convert article to video.

Videos Grab People’s Attention

Getting attention is half the work. Keep your eyes open when you are on a website. Is it interesting? When you have motion in a video, people are naturally drawn to it; video advertisements also excite. Online video ads are more than 27 times more effective than static banner ads. Mango Animate Text Video Maker is a great tool to convert any article to video.

Videos Engage Viewers

Videos command people’s attention but keep it. Videos are powerful tools. They evoke strong emotions, and people want to share and tell others about them. A video gets 1200% more shares; videos get more shares. People love to share content, and that includes sharing videos.

Videos should make content easy to digest in a short amount of time. The one-minute video is generally said to be equal to a million words. You can use Mango Animate Text Video Maker to make amazing videos and convert your article to video in few minutes.

You can process visuals better than you can text. About 90% of the information that reaches your brain is visual Additionally. Your brain can process these images at 60,000x speed. Views are more natural, but people are better at comprehending them.

Videos Drive More Traffic to Your Website

It’s safe to say that videos help with SEO. A video can provide the same SEO value as many web pages Companies that use videos on their websites receive 41% more traffic from people who have searched. The researcher says traffic also contributes 157%. You can utilize this traffic by placing landing pages on your website. 80% increase in lead-to-driven conversions from embedded videos

Video search engines are putting more emphasis on videos than ever. When people share your video or link, you earn an inbound link. Inbound links are significant in search engine rankings. Authority in the world wide web means having a lot of inbound links.

Videos are Memorable and Improve Brand Recall

Do you ever lose track of what you are reading in the middle of a book? You have to go back over the same ground to find out something. This is called regression; as a general rule, videos don’t bother reading.

Studies have shown that viewers can understand 95% of a video. Additionally, 80% of customers will remember a video they saw within the previous month. Videos allow you to communicate information concisely that text can’t. There is a greater chance that the stories will be remembered than a list of facts.

Video can enhance the majority of the population’s strength. Most people believe they can learn using visuals. Information is easier to remember in videos than a long monolithic list of facts.


There are no guarantees with marketing videos, no matter how creative you are. Your video must pinpoint your buyer’s problem to be effective, but a video is an excellent tool for marketing messages if done well. So, download Mango Animate Text Video Maker and convert your article to video and get ahead of your competitors.

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