Why should women wear high-visibility clothes?

Protecting the workers is crucial to maintaining the safety of the workplace. Employers must ensure that their employees are using the correct Personal Protective Equipment. Workers must wear clothing that is appropriate for the job they do. High visibility clothing is required to reduce accidents and improve the safety of the workers. Chances of accidents are high in workplaces like construction sites where there are many moving vehicles. Women working in high-risk work environments need women’s high vis clothing specially designed for women’s bodies. It is fitted in specific areas to provide more flexibility and comfort to women.

Workers wear high-visibility clothing to make other people see them better while working. Generally, it is worn to alert drivers and vehicle operators about the workers’ presence in low light conditions. High vis clothing allows the workers to be seen from a long distance, and the drivers respond accordingly. It increases workers’ safety in the workplace. The clothes are provided after assessing the risk of being hit by moving vehicles and the environmental conditions in the work area.

How to choose high-visibility clothes

The garment should be bright and provide whole-body coverage so that the worker is identified from all directions.

The garment has stripes of colour that contrast the background material and offers increased visibility. Usually, the clothes have stripes on the arms and legs to know the movements of the person wearing them.

The need for additional features like flame resistance, water resistance, and breathability depends on the hazards involved with the work.

High visibility garments should fit the wearer well and stay in place even while working for long hours.

The material of the clothes should not cause any discomfort or irritation. It needs to be flexible and should not have rough edges that can irritate the wearer.

When should workers wear high visibility clothes?

Workers must wear high visibility clothes in the following conditions.Workers concentrate on work and can not notice vehicle movements in their workplace.

When workers work in low light conditions, they are not spotted easily by vehicle drivers. As a result, it can cause accidents in the workplace.

When workers are working close to moving vehicles, like road construction and railway employees, they must wear safety clothes.

What to look for in high-visibility clothing

Fluorescent orange, lime, and red are the most preferred colours for high-visibility clothes. These colours are visible during daylight hours and keep employees safe.

Safety clothes must have pockets for easy access to pens, tools, and mobile phones. In addition, the garments must be lightweight, flexible, and provide sufficient ventilation.

High visibility clothes made of moisture-wicking fabrics keep workers dry and comfortable. They focus more on their jobs which leads to lesser injuries and accidents.

Benefits of wearing high visibility clothes

By wearing high vis clothes, employees remain visible at all times. Regular clothes may make them blend with the background.

In construction sites and other places where vehicle traffic is high, the drivers can spot workers easily when they wear high vis clothes. As a result, the chances of workers being hit by vehicles are reduced.

Employees feel safe when they wear high-vis clothes. In addition, it increases productivity because they can concentrate more on their work. Moreover, the chances of accidents in the workplace are significantly reduced.

Women’s high-vis clothes are available in various colours and sizes. Women account for nearly 48% of the global workforce, and employers must ensure that women are safe in the workplace. The safety garments keep women safe, comfortable and focused on their work.

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