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Why Concrete Makes a Stable Edition to Your Home

When building a custom-built house, you tend to focus on the design, interior, and equipment, but you must also have the correct knowledge of how to build a building. Those who are considering this concrete structure, which is more expensive than others, need to understand the advantages and disadvantages more firmly.

Although it is mainly used when building buildings, it has also been adopted in single-family homes in recent years due to its excellent performance and high design. In addition, compared to other construction methods, concrete makes a stable edition of your home, so it will be easy to judge whether it is suitable for the house you want to build.

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High earthquake resistance:

Concrete bars are strong in pulling force, and concrete is strong in compression, so each strength is utilized, and it boasts extremely high earthquake resistance.

Since the structure supports the entire weight with “faces”, the load applied to the building is more manageable to disperse than other structures supported by the frame, and damage due to shaking is minimized. There is also a report that concrete houses were the least damaged in the past earthquakes.

High fire resistance:

Concrete is extremely heat resistant and will not collapse or lose strength even when exposed to a flame of 1000 degrees for several hours.

Especially in the city center where houses are densely populated, it is possible to prevent the spread of fire and expect a high effect. Compared to ordinary wooden houses, you can reduce the premium for fire insurance to about 1/3.

High degree of freedom in design:

Concrete houses have a high degree of freedom in design. They are often designed using curved lines and have various structures that can give “softness” and “gorgeousness” contrary to the image of concrete.

Concrete homes aren’t just for modern design. It is also used in elegant designs and solid designs. Generally, people tend to have a cold, inorganic image of concrete, but it often comes from the sharp residential image of exposed concrete, and there are actually various designs.

High durability and sound insulation:

Concrete houses are said to have a durability of 120 to 150 years if they are regularly maintained, depending on the environment of the building.

Even if the initial investment is high, there is merit worth the cost if you continue to live for many years. The high sound insulation is suitable when planning a two-family house, music room or theatre room to ensure privacy. Moreover, for those who are sensitive to noise, the sound insulation of concrete houses is a significant advantage.

High heat insulation:

The airtightness of the material is also high, but since the pillars and walls are integrated, the structure is such that gaps are unlikely to occur, and it has high heat insulation. High air conditioning efficiency saves on utility bills, making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Concrete houses can have a large space:

Concrete houses can have a large space, which is difficult for wooden houses. There are dozens of living rooms and built-in garages.

Of course, it is possible to turn the first floor into a store or office. It is also a great merit of concrete houses that these highly flexible designs are possible.

Conclusion Remarks:

Concrete homes have some drawbacks, many of which can be technically addressed.

What is essential in a custom-built house is to select a concrete contractor that can correctly advise and propose whether the desired housing should be made of reinforced concrete. Get a better understanding of the famous concrete homes and get a comfortable home.

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