When is It Important to Retain a Personal Injury Attorney?

Are you injured because of an accident that another party had caused? If so, you may want to hold this party liable and claim the legal compensation you deserve for your damages. If you decided to file a personal injury claim, you need to know that insurance companies will do everything they can to diminish or deny your claim. And because they have their team of attorneys to help them, you should also strengthen your position by retaining a Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will review the circumstances that surround your accident and determine if you have a strong case. They will take your case if they believe you have a strong chance of winning it. The following are the reasons you need a personal injury attorney to represent you:

You Sustained Serious and Debilitating Injuries

If you sustained serious injuries, suffered a disability, or contracted an illness because of another party’s negligent actions, your attorney will gladly fight for you to ensure you get compensated for what you are suffering from. Your injuries may require extensive long-term medical treatment, so you must secure your future by retaining legal services. 

You Are Not Sure About Liability

If you still don’t know you should hold liable for your injuries, you need a lawyer to help you determine the responsible parties. When fault is not clear in your case, insurance companies may try to bring a claim against you for damages. By consulting with an attorney, you can protect yourself from counterclaims. 

There are Several Liable Parties

If your accident resulted from the negligence of several parties, you need an attorney to protect your legal and financial interests. An experienced lawyer has been dealing with different entities and insurance providers. They can negotiate settlements or build a case to maximize your damages. Also, they will make sure all liable parties will be held liable for your injuries and so they should all pay. 

The Insurance Company is Delays or Denies Your Claim

Insurers will take advantage of your lack of knowledge in the legal processes involved in personal injury claims. If you face them without legal representation, they will use delay or denial as tactics. These companies handle compensation claims regularly. They know you won’t be able to effectively handle your claim while you suffer from your injuries and use this knowledge to pressure you into accepting a lowball offer from them or make you wait until you decide to give up your claim. But, insurance companies cannot do this if you have an attorney representing you. 

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