What you need to Consider When Choosing the Best Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is a machine that uses an electric drill that works by using a rechargeable battery. Its batteries’ power is both measured in voltage. The batteries are easy to insert.

The focus of this article is on the best ways used in choosing the cordless drill machine and the types. To know these best ways don’t forget to tag along as I discuss them.

The cordless drill was first invented in the year 1961. The components of a cordless drill are a battery that gives it its electricity, the support hand that helps in supporting the non-dominant hand, the nut that helps in securing the support handle screw, and the support handle screw aids in securing the support handle.

The following are ways that will guide you to choose the best cordless drill.


There are cordless drills that are the least expensive and their speed is single, in most cases, many of these drills have 2 fixed speeds which range between three hundred rpm to eight hundred rpm. They also have a trigger or a slide switch that lets one select low or high speed. The high speed is for drilling the holes while the low speed is for driving screws in the holes.

It is advised for one to select a drill that has a trigger with many types of speed control that helps in controlling the speed from zero rpm to the last speed.

Batteries and chargers

NiMH representsthe latest batteries breakthrough; they are also known as nickel-metal-hydride batteries. They pose to be fewerhazards when disposing of them this is because they do not contain cadmium. This cadmiumis highly toxic. The NiMH run longer though they are small than Nicad also known as nickel-cadmium.

The cordless drills always come with their battery chargers; their recharge times always range between fifteen minutes to four hours; this is why a cordless drill in Kenya is recommended to any carpenter.

The motor

The cordless will either have a brushless or brushed motor. The brushless motor is always the best choice. The brushed motors are designed to administer maximum power.

The grip and balance

They have drills that have a pistol grip that helps it to balance and are gentle on the arm muscles.

Thepackage you want to buy

They usually come in three packages. The first is the kit package which is the most popular package. Here they come with another tool, this tool includes an impact driver or wrench driver. They are considered to be the perfect and best value.

The next package is stand-alone where the drill will come always come with its batteries and chargers.

The job you want to do

It all depends on the type of work you are specialized in; this is because some work needs single-purpose machines. These single-purpose tools include a drill driver or a screwdriver. When buying a tool for home use one cannot limit himself or herself to the one that handles different tasks.

Cordless drills used at home will have to handle many tasks such as unscrewing and screwing a driver at a time. You will be required to go for the one that works with variable speed.

In conclusion, this article defines various considerations one has to make before going for the cordless drill machine hence can be of great importance for reference.

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