What to look for when considering where to buy a sugarcane juicer

If you are interested in starting a profitable business in Kenya with minimal capital, selling sugarcane juice is probably a line you should look into, and it comes with a sugarcane juice-making machine.

To start a sugarcane juice selling business, you must know where to buy your machine and which type of machine is good for your business.

The sugarcane juice device is an asset mainly used for economic or domestic purposes. The device could be electronic or manual. When choosing, you must consider the amount of juice you want to produce, either for a business requiring a larger machine or electronics to save on human effort.


You may have your business in a remote area where you cannot go and pick up your sugarcane juice-making machine. It is advisable that when you are looking at the places to buy the device, it is a place where transportation is available or they can deliver your product.


The machine should be easy to operate. It should not give you a hard time, learning on how to manage it. It should be able to run the number of hours you work. If the place you are buying your product is far or online, it means you may not have after-sale service. Therefore, getting a product that is easy to operate is advisable to give you an easy time.

The durability

Many people ignore the fact that any product must be durable. When considering where to buy sugarcane juice machine in Kenya, one must consider the durability of its end product. It is because you may transport this machine, and if it is not durable, it can easily break during transportation. Therefore, the durability and the material used to construct the device will determine the sugarcane juice machine’s price in Kenya.


Daily maintenance of the sugarcane juice device is necessary to keep your equipment running optimally and to increase the life span of your unit. Ensure that wherever you buy the device, they can give you a warranty on your machine and guidance on how to clean it.

An example of a sugarcane juice-making machine;

(Commercial-Purpose, Electrical Sugar Cane Juicer)

Stainless Steel Desktop Ginger for Juicing; 110V, 370W

  • 3 out of 5 stars rating
  • 15 ratings
  • Color; Silver
  • Finish Type; Stainless Steel
  • Weight; 65 Pounds
  • It has appealing features
  • The device is simple to use and maintain
  • It consumes low power
  • The device is user-friendly due to production of low noise


We are here to ensure that you get the best sugarcane juice-making machine for your needs, giving you specific requirements before deciding to buy the device. It is best to note that a sugarcane juice device that is simple to use and operate is affordable with low running and maintenance costs.

Engines with warranties are mostly preferred because it has technical support. Taking time to research sugarcane juice machines is important when one want to buy a sugarcane juice-making machine. It saves time when you decide to purchase and saves the after-sale headaches.

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