What to Look for in Australian Vaporizers!

Before I talk about what to look for in an Australian vaporizer, let me point out how Australian vaporizers or any kind of vaporizer actually work. These devices are somewhat different from things like vapes, though a lot of the technology is similar in some ways.

Like the affirmation devices, a vaporizer utilizes a heating coil and a rechargeable battery to disperse the oils and flavors you see from your product. Unlike the affirmation product, though, they don’t use any kind of juice or solution but rather dry herbs, tobacco or whatever else you want to pull the oils from on-demand.

They manage this by applying the heat from the coil in a practically oxygen-free chamber where the herbs cannot ignite from the heat, causing the oils to vaporize to be inhaled. There is no incineration going on, no burning nor secondhand smoke, ash or any of the other hazards associated with traditional smoking of pretty much anything.

Not only is the safer and cleaner, but it is also a lot healthier as well. In healing any kind of smoke is bad for you, because smoke is made of ash and carcinogenic compounds as well as the oils that deliver the active ingredient and flavors of whatever you are smoking. With the absence of the ash and carcinogenic compounds through this evaporation process, whatever you are choosing to enjoy is going to be a lot safer and healthier.

So, what do you look for in one of these? Well, you want to look for one that has a good battery, a good control system and a backlit temperature display as well as a decent size chamber to load your herb or tobacco into. These used to be very bulky things, but they are no bigger than a larger disposable vape pen in modern times, using much of the same form factor simply replacing the solution chamber with a chamber to pack the herbs into.

When searching for Australian vaporizers or any kind of vaporizer, the battery and a heating coil are king, so look for one that heats rapidly, has a long-lasting coil and has a battery that not only charges rapidly through modern USB interfaces, but can do a lot on a full charge. Yet, some of this is not unlike shopping for a smart phone or tablet by way of the battery, wanting the most performance you can out of each charge.

While this is much healthier than smoking, I want to point out, depending on what you load into that chamber, it may or may not be 100% healthy. That depends on what it is you are vaporizing, how heavily you use it, and how cleanly it evaporates, meaning that you still want to aim for the best, moisture-free form of vaporizer you can find.

It’s also important to point out, just to be on the safe side, that these things, while not producing any kind of secondhand smoke or fire hazard, are forbidden to be used anywhere that smoking is forbidden. So, don’t try to use it on a plane, a bus or in a store!

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