What to consider when purchasing roofing tiles for your construction

Roofing tiles are available in various designs, sizes, and appearances. The different factors allow a wide range of prices in the market to accommodate all types of clients.

Whether you are looking for a reliable roofing solution for a small residential or large business institution, roofing tiles are a good investment as they come in an assortment to choose from, depending on various factors and preferences.

There is a wide range of roofing tiles in the Kenyan market, and not every type is suitable for your building.

It would help if you considered various factors to avoid any mistakes that could affect the quality of your roofing situation. Considering these factors and going through them with a construction specialist before choosing your roofing tiles is crucial.

The factors considered include; the slope of your roof, durability, overall cost, and maintenance requirements. It would help to evaluate an individual’s preferences such as color and design before going to the market to save time.

Roof slope

Consider the slope or pitch of your roof’s surface before deciding on a roofing tile to ensure a stable roofing solution.

A good roof tile should carry and distribute the weight of the material throughout the entire roof surface.


Have a budget before going to the market to avoid overwhelming feelings from the wide range of designs available.

You should also consider other costs in your budget, such as shipping and installation. Roofing tiles Kenya offers a wide range of prices to accommodate all types of clients.


A roof tile’s durability is significant, especially if your building will be used for a long time and if you live in a place prone to natural disasters.

A durable rooftop minimizes repair costs and makes your building safe. Invest in roofing tiles that are resilient to hurricanes, hail storms, and other natural forces


Apart from individual preferences, other factors may determine the color and design of the most suitable roofing tiles for your building.

These include the location of your building and the intended purpose of the building. Some colors may not be suitable for business and formal institution buildings. Similarly, some colors may not be ideal for residential buildings.

Careful consideration of the appearance of your roof tiles may have the advantage of attracting clients to your business or rental apartments.

Brand reliability

Avoid purchasing your roofing tiles from a brand with a poor reputation. Consider factors such as transparency of all costs incurred and warranty disclosure.

It will help you determine your budget and minimize future maintenance costs from constant repairs.


Quality roofing tile purchases reduce upkeep expenses. For your structure, selecting the best roofing tiles necessitates careful consideration of a number of crucial variables that I have outlined above.

The Kenyan market offers a wide range of roof tile sizes, styles, and colors to satisfy the needs of every customer. Due to careful selection of your desired roofing tiles, you may be able to have safe and stable roofing without sacrificing preferences for factors such as appearance.

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