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What to Check Before You Collaborate with Influencers

For businesses of any size, influencer marketing can be a great way to boost growth. You can find influencers, pay them to promote you on social media, and connect with their followers to raise awareness of your brand or even increase your sales.

But how do you choose the right influencers? Let’s examine what you need to look into before you decide which social media influencers to collaborate with.

A relevant category and location

Begin by looking for influencers in the same niche as your brand. What do you do at your brand? What industry is your brand in? Do you sell clothes, sports equipment, food? Look for influencers who post about the topics relevant to your company.

Also, search for influencers who are located in the same area as your brand or where you wish to increase awareness. Be sure to align your search criteria with your growth goals. For example, if you are looking to increase sales, you should choose influencers that will promote you in areas where people can shop and get your products.

Healthy growth

Many people believe that follower count is the most important thing about an influencer. However, this is not true. It’s equally important that you look at the way an influencer attracted their followers over the years.

Influencers are able to easily purchase fake followers. Analyzing their growth can help you identify that. Organic growth is steady and slow. So you should investigate sudden growth spikes to determine the cause.

Maybe the influencer did a giveaway or went viral. Both of these could cause sudden growth. However, spikes in growth without a clear reason may be a sign that an influencer purchased a bunch of fake followers.

A high engagement rate

Many marketers consider engagement rate more important than followers. Engagement rate measures the degree of trust between an influencer and their followers. Trusting an influencer is a sign that followers like their content and are more likely to interact with it.

Brands can increase awareness and engagement by collaborating with influencers with high engagement rates, because they can leverage that engagement for themselves. Followers who trust influencers are more likely to become curious about the brands they promote.

But, be on the lookout for extreme engagement at either end. A low engagement rate may indicate that followers aren’t interested or are fake. If the influencer’s engagement rate is far beyond that of peers on the same network, with similar followings, it could be an indication that they have bought fake likes and comments.

A real audience that aligns with your target

Analyze an influencer but not just their profile. You must also analyze their audience. Make sure the followers of influencers are in line with your buyer personas.

It goes without saying here that you want to find influencers on the same network as your target audience. If your target audience spends its time on Instagram, search for Instagram influencers. Or if you know that your buyer personas prefer video content, you might want to work with YouTube influencers.

Take into account demographics such as age and gender. You should ensure that your audience demographics match your buyer personas. Do not miss your mark simply because you assumed that an influencer’s audience would fit certain criteria.

Assess the authenticity and reliability of the audience. You can scan followers, likers, and commenters manually to do this. Look for if these accounts appear to be real people or bots. You could also use an influencer platform and let artificial Intelligence assess the audience for you.

Content that is consistent with your brand

You should also look at the content that influencers have created. Do their posts align with your brand? It’s important to collaborate with influencers that can properly convey your brand’s message. You should also choose influencers who are committed to your brand’s values.

Style is equally important. Influencers don’t have to have the exact same style as your brand. However, it is a smart idea to find someone whose style matches yours. This visual link allows the collaboration to appear more authentic and makes it easier for your brand later to republish content from influencers.


You should thoroughly review the profiles of any influencers you are considering to promote your brand through social media.Check performance metrics, avoid fake influencers, and prioritize those profiles that most closely align with your brand and its mission.

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