What is Included in Your First Vape Kit?

Brisbane is Australia’s third most populous city behind Sydney and Melbourne. This capital city of Queensland, Australia, is also considered the country’s hippest city because of its edgy arts scene and younger-crowded nightlife. Brisbane got its “hippy” vibe because of its immense café culture, where you can see a lot of Brisbane residents relaxing at coffee shops around the city while enjoying vape. That’s right, vape and not cigars or cigarettes. Because Brisbane is a younger city, its residents are more inclined to go to a vape shop in Brisbane to purchase juice for their vape kits or electronic cigarettes.

What are Electronic Cigarettes and Vape? 

Electronic cigarettes, vape for short, are becoming more and more popular since their introduction to society as healthier replacements for conventional and dangerous tobacco cigarettes. Although there are doubts about vape’s health effects, they are still a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. Vape contains no tar, produces no harmful second-hand smoke, and has the option of not having any nicotine in their cartridges or tanks.

The popularity of e-cigarettes has grown that they have evolved into vaping devices which the younger generation is now calling vapes. The newer models of vape now come with refillable cartridges and rechargeable batteries to allow for repeated usage.

People interested in purchasing and using vapes should be knowledgeable in the different parts and accessories associated with these gadgets to easily make an educated decision about buying them.

Vape Starter Kits

When you want to start vaping, you can choose from various vape starter kits

being sold at a vape shop in Brisbane. These kits are small packages that include the minimal items necessary to assemble your vape device. Depending on the brand or manufacturer, most starter kits include the following: one (1) atomizer unit, two (2) rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, one (1) battery charger, cartridges (ranges from 5 to 10 units) and a manual of instructions on how to use the vape.

The Atomizer Unit

The atomizer unit that comes with vape kits is a coil that is heated by lithium-ion batteries. This unit is the most vital part of the e-cigarette since it is responsible for turning the propylene glycol liquid into the vapour that the user can inhale. Most manufacturers will give a guarantee of six (6) months for their atomizer units.

The Cartridge Unit

The cartridge unit of an e-cigarette contains the liquid propylene glycol and the other ingredients, which turn into vapour. Most vape starter kits include five to ten cartridges. There are two types of vape cartridges. The first type is the disposable cartridges that are non-refillable and thrown away after the flavour runs out.

The second type of cartridge is the reusable cartridge. In this model, the cartridge and the atomizer unit are fused in a single unit. The user will have to refill the cartridge with the propylene glycol liquid whenever the flavouring of the e-cigarette has been consumed. The advantage of this type of cartridge is that the user can change the liquid’s flavour by adding flavouring anytime they desire. This unit is also more cost-effective since you only need to buy the vape juice and not replace the cartridge often. However, when you plan to purchase vapes of this type of model, you must be ready to purchase a new one once the atomizer unit breaks down.

The Battery Unit

Lithium-ion batteries are the most common power source for vape starter kits. This type of battery will allow you to recharge them. The battery unit may be recharged using an outlet charger. Other manufacturers of vape have vape starter kits that include a USB charger or a car charger so that you can recharge your vape unit wherever you are. Charging the batteries of vape usually takes about 2 hours for full charging.

Once you understand your starter kit basics; you can try your hand in customizing your unit. Customizing kits, which you can buy at a vape shop, will allow you to increase the volume and thickness of vapour that you release.

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