What is Bongo Bingo?

Have any of us thought that sitting in bingo halls with the sound of furious daubing was lacking the real elements of what a party is supposed to be. After all Bingo is meant to be fun, whilst the game itself is a great thing to get into, surely there could be more to it?

Something a little extra, where we could truly let loose whilst enjoying this fantastic game, well here we have the answer to these desires – click here.

Is Bongo Bingo The Answer to What This Game Has Been Missing?

For any of us who love to play bingo and love to party then this could be the perfect event for us. Bongo Bingo is a company that organises mass bingo events that are full of life, filled with bingo, dance-offs, rave intervals, audience participation and countless magical moments. This top class event is filled with life and alcohol. DJ’s, lights, everything you would expect to find at a top class rave, but with some absolute best bingo gaming to keep us all sane! Being sponsored by Southern Comfort, we can really expect some wild times!

How can we get into these great events?

So, if this sounds like the perfect solution to what bingo has been missing. Next we have to find out how we can get ourselves to these banging events!

Bongo Bingo is a UK based bingo event, there are events held all over the country, any main city, with a total of 35 different locations across the country we are spoilt for choice when it comes to where we would like to go for this thrilling, life filled bingo rave!

How Can I Get Tickets?

With there being so many different venues, it is no struggle to get access to this superb event regardless of where we are living or we would like to make a real trip of it and head to a nearby city!

Getting Tickets is easy, simple go to their website,

Here we will see just how incredible this party can be, the true excitement that bingo can have when it is done right! The tickets start at an incredibly good value of £13.00 for the early birds, then moving up to £15.00 in general release, then the final release which will cost £17.00! There will also be an additional booking fee of £3.00. For such an event, it is amazing that they are able to practically give away tickets like this!

Fancy Something Even Bigger Than That?

Does this sound like a half measure to you? Not enough to satisfy the partier inside? Well then the upcoming event that Bongo Bingo have lined up will be the answer to your prayers!

They are in the process of organising an event in Dubai! Imagine that! A holiday to such a beautiful city. Filled with skyscrapers lighting the night sky. Where else could be a better place to let loose and really get into bingo! Keep your eyes on them for more details soon to be released!

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