What Happens During the Personal Injury Process?

A lot of those who have sustained injuries in accidents have not pursued a claim for their injuries because they are not familiar with the complex legal process. However, just because you don’t know about the process does not mean you will give up your rights to compensation. Orange County personal injury lawyers are available to help you navigate the process and understand the steps involved. Here’s what you can expect from the personal injury claim process:

Information Collection

Your lawyer needs to investigate your case to collect the necessary information they need to make important decisions including whether or not to take your case. They will ask you relevant questions like when and where the accident took place, as well as what injuries you have sustained because of the accident. In addition, your lawyer will also consult with medical professionals, vocational experts, police officers, and other professionals who can provide them with details that can support your claim.  

Case Assessment

This stage of the claims process can take a lot of months. Although waiting can be hard, the case assessment stage can reveal the extent and effect of injuries. To support your claim, keep track of any details required from you and update your legal team with changes to your symptoms and situations. 

Settlement Negotiations

During this stage, your lawyer will demand a fair amount of compensation to the insurance company of the liable party. The company may make counteroffers and your lawyer may do the same until a favorable settlement is reached. The negotiation process may continue even as your lawyer prepares for trial. 

Lawsuit Filing

If your lawyer and the insurance company fail to resolve your claim through negotiations, you can choose to file a lawsuit in court. Again, negotiations can continue at this stage if the insurance company still wants to make an offer. Otherwise, you will face them in a trial. 


The discovery process begins when a lawsuit has been filed. This stage involves both parties exchanging information regarding the accident, your claim, and the injuries you suffered. Information is collected through depositions, medical examinations, and interrogations. 

In a deposition, attorneys from both sides can request a person to give statements under oath. This can happen at the office of an attorney or at another location that the two parties agree on. Meanwhile, interrogatories involve sending a written set of questions to one party. The answers to these questions are given under oath. 


This process involves a neutral third party facilitating a settlement before the case goes to trial. Some insurers may prefer to settle your claim during this process if you have an attorney on your side. 

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