What Furniture Does Your Master Bedroom Need?

A bedroom is not just a place to sleep or take rest; it is a lot more than that. It is a place for sleep, rest and luxury. A well-planned bedroom derives enough warmth and luxury from whatever space and furniture it has. The master bedroom, otherwise known as the main bedroom, is for the master and mistress of the house. The comfort here depends on the furniture used. Every individual deserves a good night’s rest after a long day’s work. It requires the best and comfortable furniture. Here is a list of furniture you must have in your master bedroom to give you a comfortable lifestyle. There are also many bedroom decor ideas available online from which you can choose the best that suits you. Wakefit provides the best quality furniture that one can ever experience for the master bedroom; let’s check out some that are a must:

1. Comfortable Mattresses and Bedding

Mattresses with super soft and comfortable foam give you a feeling of warmth and luxury. A mattress should take the shape of the body in order to relax the muscles and give a night of good sleep. There are many kinds of mattresses like the orthopaedic memory foam mattress, dual comfort mattress, latex mattress and foam spring mattress. These mattresses make a huge difference in enhancing comfort and health than the normal ones. The mattresses should be visco-elastic and of high resilience to relax the body muscles and promote sleep. In addition, a good mattress should help with body posture and reduce backaches and joint pains. Modern bedroom design with bedding items like mattress protectors, fitted bed sheets, cotton comforters is an added advantage and feels like the icing on the cake as it completes the look.

2. Wooden Beds

Every individual would want to sleep peacefully after working for an entire day. Sometimes a creaky bed or an uncomfortable bed could affect your sleep tremendously. It could be either because of the noise it makes or the less sturdy nature of wood. It is always best to use Sheesham wooden beds or engineered wooden beds for long life and sturdy nature. Choose the perfect size of bed that fits your room. Make sure there is enough walking space for the free movement of people around the bed. Teak wood beds are pretty expensive but give a luxurious feel. If you want more storage space to store your bedding, extra mattresses and other less important stuff, then you can opt for Sheesham storage beds that give you ample amount of storage space. Beds come in many standard sizes like king size and queen size. Choose the one that fits your bedroom space perfectly.

3. Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are the most underrated type of furniture as not many know their worth and usage. One should always opt for a wall shelf to display art pieces, family photographs, flower vases etc. They could also be used to store medicines, books etc., in your bedroom. Wall shelves are available in plenty of sizes and shapes. Choose the one that fits your bedroom wall perfectly well.

4. Wooden Wardrobe

Wardrobes are not only a part of the bedroom but also a part of every individual. Every wardrobe has a story to tell from every piece of clothing and accessory. Such clothing and accessories should be well organised to keep you on your toes while getting dressed. There are adjustable shelves in every wardrobe that allow you to increase or decrease the height. Apart from this, you can choose a two-door, three-door or four-door wardrobe based on your needs and requirements. You can also accessorise your wardrobe with hangers and mirrors just the way you like them to be.

5. Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are always for storing books, tablets, medicines, etc. A good bedside table has good drawers with enough space and compartments that allow you to organise your stuff. Make sure your bedside table matches your bed to give a neat look. For example, a table lamp or a water jug could be placed on the bedside table. You could also decorate it with a long vase and fragrant flowers.

6. Bookshelves

Bookshelves are for book lovers and nerds who cannot go to bed without reading a book. There are various designs and shapes in bookshelves that allow you to stack your favourite books in your bedroom. But, of course, if you don’t have enough space to place a bookshelf, never mind, you can always use a corner bookshelf that saves space and also stores books.

7. TV Units

Many have the habit of watching their favourite shows on Netflix or a nice movie before bed. A TV unit helps you mount your TV neatly without any clutter and mess. A TV unit also has a few other compartments to display your trophies, books, photographs etc.

8. Study Table and Chair

If you have a large bedroom, you can also accommodate a study table and chair to work from home. Make sure the study table is not oversized and fits the leftover space well. Choose a study table that has provisions to fit your desktop and CPU. The study table should be comfortable enough to help you work with concentration and not lack focus on your work.

9. Sofa Cum Bed

A sofa cum bed is a piece of multipurpose furniture as it can be used as a sofa all time and can be converted to a bed whenever required or vice versa. This sofa cum bed helps you deal with a cramped space. It is suited for bedrooms where you might need an extra bed when guests arrive. The unique design of the sofa cum bed is available in different sizes, colours and patterns. You can match them with pillows and cushions to add up to the look.

Bedroom furniture should be picked with care and precaution as it is a lot of investment. Try choosing furniture which is durable, easy to move and never goes out of trend. The ultimate aim should be comfort and luxury. Also, ensure that the bedroom furniture complements each other and matches the interior of the room.

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