What do you consider when buying the peanut butter-making machine?

Individuals and firms require the peanut butter machine for a variety of reasons. Whatever your reason, this page provides a comprehensive reference to all before purchasing the equipment, mentioning the types, maintenance requirements, and purposes, either commercial or domestic.

We all tend to look at the product’s price rather than what determines the price. Getting a lead on as to why a product is either priced as affordable or expensive is important to any potential buyer. Henceforth, it is worthwhile to take this moment and go through this information.

The mass of the device

You can buy the device for the purpose of commercialization or for personal peanut butter usage. Because of its work conveniences, some people buy peanut butter-making machines for their home use while others buy them for commercial purposes, making a difference in prices.

Type of machine

If you want a quality finished product, the peanuts must go through a long process that involves to shell, roast, peel, grind, and lastly package them. There are of two kinds of machines. One is semi-automated, while the other is completely automatic.

Other producers use a semi-automated process where some of the steps are done using manual machines. As much as the automatic one has many advantages, the selection of the type is dependent on the user’s preferences.

A completely automatic peanut butter-making machine carries out various functions in producing high-quality peanut butter. It has a lot of adaptation abilities. It also consists of high efficiency production levels, and durability. It is user friendly because it does not produce any noise during usage. The entire procedure can be completely under automation, making it simple and readily convenient for the user.

These advantages make using the completely automated peanut butter-making machine expensive in Kenya.

Other producers utilize a semi-automated procedure whereby several measures are conducted by manual machines.


Maintenance of the peanut butter-producing machine ensures that the device will be in excellent shape the next time it is used, making its usage faster and increasing its durability.


The peanut butter making machine price in Kenya is dependent on the machine’s capacity. High-capacity devices with the capacity to produce several tons in a day are at a higher cost than smaller devices, which have limitations in how they make peanut. Depending on your needs, you can attain a machine that is around one hundred kg/h to two thousand kg/h.

Below I will mention two types of peanut butter-making devices. The examplesof devices include;


Capacity:300-1000 kg/h

Power:7.5 kw


Weight:280 kg


Capacity:4-12 t/h



Weight:1000 kg

The fineness of peanut butter obtained by these two grinders is 2-50 μm. Including ordinary and stainless-steel models, the output range is 70-6000 kg/h.


The peanut butter device is worthwhile to get and recommendable equipment. It’s because peanut butter is utilized as a spice in our daily life.

To ensure efficacy and efficiency, the user needs carefully select the top manufacturers.

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