What Are the Various Factors to Be Considered When Buying a T-Shirt Printing Machine?

At most parties or occasions, people wear t-shirts with different names suggesting the party or the experience. For the event to be colorful, the t-shirts must be printed using better machines. There are various factors to be considered when buying these printing machines. They are explained in detail below.

The Quality of the Machine

This is the apparent and the first factor to be considered in buying any new machine. For one to have a good quality printed name on a t-shirt, a sound device of good quality must also be used. This can be considered by choosing the material used to make it, e.g., steel or plastic. It is advisable to buy the one made of steel because it is durable ad it can be used in an extended period. The quality of safety also must be considered because one might be in danger if put under the heating plate.

T shirt printing machine


The best printing t-shirt machine is the machine with a temperature of about 340 degrees. This can be checked from the temperature settings or by finding if heat is distributed evenly on the top of the flatten. This can be determined by looking at the shape of the heating element in the t-shirt. For a good printing machine, the part used in heating should move from one end to another ad. Also, the coins must be close enough. This factor mostly leads to the t shirt printing machine price in Kenya to differ.

The Pressure of the Machine

This is also another essential factor that must be considered when purchasing a t-shirt printing machine. The pressure knows it must be easily adjustable in the device to be bought. This is important because they ensure that a proper amount of pressure is applied to the t-shirt when printing. If one chooses a manual printing machine, they must find themselves in difficult circumstances when checking for the amount of pressure. To avoid this, a better printing machine should be purchased to prevent these problems.

The Volume of the Machine.

When one chooses to purchase a printing machine, they have to choose the best to handle several t shirts. A person might be having several t-shirts printed every day. For these several t-shirts a day, one must consider purchasing a machine with a high volume of printing t-shirts. Also, when the business grow, automatically, one will have a device that can handle many t-shirts to be printed daily.


The above factors must be considered when purchasing a good machine to print t-shirts for different parties or occasions. Without the above, one can buy a machine and find later, e.g., fault or that does not fulfill their desires. Everybody that is about or still going to buy this machine is highly recommended to consider the above factors. This is because, as a result of the beautiful printing of t-shirts, many customers may always visit the shop.

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