Types of vacuum cleaner one can purchase in Kenya

A vacuum cleaner is an electrical device used to remove dust from various surfaces like carpets, walls, furniture and floors. It is also used in the cleaning of cars as well as stairs.

This article clearly focuses on the various types of vacuum cleaners available in the Kenyan market.

Due to the various types of surfaces that require to be cleaned regularly to maintain their cleanliness there are various considerations one should make before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. The following are the types of vacuum cleaners one can purchase as well as there added advantages and shortcomings.

The vacuum cleaner price Kenya varies from one category to another as described in this article;

Deep cleaner vacuum

This is also called a carpet vacuum or carpet shampooers. This type of a vacuum cleaner uses water for spot removal or carpet treatment. It operates in such a way that it sprays the carpet with soapy water and then use vacuum technology to brush the fibers and suck up the waterdirt and stains from the carpet. its advantageous in that it uses some features of microbial treatment to prevent bacterial growth and the warm water provides more than a surface cleaning. However, it is heavy and bulky.

Canister vacuum cleaner

This type of vacuum is mostly used on hard surfaces example furniture or smaller carpeted areas example stairs or cars. They are easy to maneuver around since they come equipped with a suction horse and a retractable cord. It has various advantages such having flexible hoses that reach the stairs, upholstery, as well as other areas, it has bag and bagless options and its shape creates a strong suction and cleaning power.  However, it has some shortcomings in that it is not perfect for huge floor surfaces anditstwo-piecemake makes it hard to maneuver it around simultaneously.

Upright vacuum cleaner

This is a motor driven brush that slackens offdirt and removesit through suction. They are mostly ideal for the huge carpeted house areas, hard surfaces as well as rugs. It is advantageous in that it has bag and bagless options and it is great with an extensive washing path to clean larger areas as well as saving on time. However, with this type it is difficult to wash underneath beds and furniture.  It is usually heavy and bulkier compared to other vacuum types.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

These are mostly suitable for cleaning up after children and pets. They are ideal for cleaning small areas due to their portable and cordless design. They are mostly battery powered. This type of vacuum is usually light and easy to operation. Its shortcoming is that it is not as strong as the full-sized vacuum cleaners.

Sweeper or stick vacuum cleaner

Thyer ae most commonly used for quick cleanup areas like bathroom, kitchen and floors.  The advantages of these types of vacuum cleaner arethat they are excellent surface cleaners, some are battery powered and they are light with lengthy handles for easy use.  However, they are not perfect for deep scrubbing. They come with small dustbin volumes.

Pet vacuum cleaner

This is usually designed to collect pet hair and minimize pet scents in home. Usually include upholstery washers toassist in collection of pet hair left on furniture.These types of vacuum cleaners are powerful, collect dander and hair, and minimize pet smells. However, their shortcomings are that they can be weighty and hard to move around.


it is good to understand the various types of vacuum cleaners as well as their uses, flexibility, advantages and shortcomings to avoid making the wrong decisions during the purchasing of the item.

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