Types of Heels and Shoes

Heels are very popular among working-class women who like to add style to their everyday outfits. Women pair them with their business formals to walk into the workplace with style. They are also worn during parties, balls, and formal gatherings. Interestingly, heels for women are available in more than 30 types, curated to suit everyone’s needs.

Most widely used heels worldwide:

1. Block heels- These are generally wide and square-shaped, resembling a block. They are the most comfortable type of heels and are widely preferred as they look super stylish and create less pressure on the front part of the foot. A person looking to try heels can always begin by trying out block heels, which are pretty easy to walk in.

2.  Cone heels- These heels are broader near the foot and become slim towards the end. They are generally transparent in colour to highlight the shape. It is perfect for parties and nightclubs.

3.  Point heels- These are popularly known as Stilettos and are very thin, giving them a luxurious look. They can be worn anywhere. But one should be careful while wearing these as they can be challenging to walk in, especially when one is having a long day. They are the most widely sold heels after block heels and are preferred by almost everyone. Women say that walking in stilettos gives one confidence and boldness.

4.  Spool heels- These heels for women originated from Europe and resembled an old spinning machine. It is broader towards the end as opposed to cone heels. It is pretty popular in the European market because of its unique look.

5. Wedges- They are the most comfortable type of heels as they cover the entire lower foot as opposed to other types of heels that cover only some part. They do not put any pressure on the front part of the foot, making it less tiring. One can walk for hours in these and can still not be tired. These are also highly recommended for beginners. Who knew comfort and heels could go hand in hand.

The types of heels mentioned above can be found with different types of heeled shoes. Some of the most popular ones are:

6.  Ankle boots- These are leather shoes that cover your ankles. They are an excellent fit for winter wear. Usually, a small block heel is attached to the shoe. Black ankle boots and a rainy leather jacket give you a classy and alluring look on a gloomy winter evening.

7.  Pumps- These are something every girl must have in her closet. There are different types of pumps used for different occasions. For instance, nude pumps with small heels can be used as daily office wear as they give a very official and formal look. Similarly, black pumps with high point heels can be paired with a cocktail dress for an evening party.

8.  Heeled boots- These are different from ankled boots as the shoe length goes as high as your knee or above. These are generally worn in winter to provide extra warmth to the legs. Most fashion influencers are seen wearing them under a short dress with stockings.

9.  Platform heels- These are similar to pumps, but there is an addition to the front part of the shoe. This is generally done to reduce the pressure on the front part of the foot, especially when the heel is pointed and high.

10 . Decorative heels- These are worn at weddings and other traditional occasions and are widely used in countries like India. They are embedded with stones and give an elegant look. The upper part of the heel consists of a small design that continues to the top part of the shoe.

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