Top Mistakes Committed After a Work Injury in Ashburn: 

Accidents happen when you least expect them. Workplace accidents are no different. Usually, your employer compensates you for the injury, but there are a few things that you should avoid doing. 

Getting a consultation from Ashburn workers’ compensation lawyers should be your first step towards protecting your right. 

It is expected of the company you work for to compensate you when you get injured while working. However, there are complications too. Surprisingly, there are various common mistakes made by people which decrease their compensation and benefits. 

Therefore, when you get hurt at your workplace, you should know precisely what you should and should not be doing. 

Below are some common mistakes made by worker’s after an injury.

  • Not informing your employer right away. 

Sometimes, when people get injured, they think the injury is minor and will get better soon. Sometimes they do, and sometimes not. When the latter happens, it is usually too late to report to your employer. Therefore, you need to immediately inform your employer on the day you get the injury. 

  • Not collecting evidence. 

Evidence is vital in any case. Go to the doctor and document your injury, click photographs of it and gather witnesses of the incident if possible. This way, if your employer asks for proof in exchange for compensation, you can give it to them. 

  • Not hiring a lawyer.

Not all employers are nice enough to compensate you for your injury. In such cases, a good attorney and evidence come handy the most. If your employer refuses to pay you, you can file a case against them using the evidence. 

  • Not going to the doctor.

The fourth big mistake is not going to the doctor. Many people don’t want to visit the doctor for two reasons: they think they are strong enough to deal with it or don’t want to deal with the expenses. But this can be a big mistake. 

If you don’t go to the doctor, there will be no official documentation or proof of your injury. This may result in the insurance company thinking that you were not injured or at least not severely injured and thus don’t deserve compensation. 

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