Top Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2021

In the ever changing landscape of digital marketing, brands need to keep on top of trends to ensure that their company thrives. Today we see companies like Philadelphia digital marketing agency offering services such as social media marketing, web design, SEO services, among others. Despite the various inconveniences and drawbacks the global pandemic has presented, it would be a lie to say that it doesn’t have certain positive effects for companies utilizing digital marketing. With the social media landscape constantly changing and evolving, marketers need to get on it ASAP in order to keep building their brands. Another year spells even newer trends to get on for social media marketers everywhere. It could be said all the tools to make it are right already available and it only takes a company to play their cards right. For companies looking to build their brand and expand, these are the top digital marketing trends to look out for in 2021.

Social media marketing is where it’s at

It can’t be denied the impact that social media has had in the past decade on how a vast majority consume products, get news, and basically structure day-to-day lives. Social media has become as much part of our lives as having to do laundry. With people around the world glued to their screens, not having a social media presence is almost equivalent to non-existence. Marketers everywhere are taking advantage of that. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have been attracting billions of daily users on average. People have taken to trawling their newsfeeds for the next big thing, or for the miracle product they never knew they needed. TikTok has one of the fastest growing user bases of any social media app with an estimate of it surpassing more than 50 million in this year alone. Tapping into this huge potential market could be the cornucopia for anyone looking to market their product to a large audience. Failure to adapt to this landscape could mean certain death for companies in their nascent stages, and even well-established ones too.

Rise of the age of influencer marketing

Companies have been reaching out to YouTubers, beauty gurus, Instagram influencers to market their products. Influencers are a unique breed of celebrities in which there is none of that untouchable atmosphere. The draw to influencers could be banked on how interactive they are with their fans. Fans of certain influencers would buy anything they say works for them. Marketers pay influencers to endorse their products and it surely works as evidenced by products selling out because there is a touch of reality behind it with a famous albeit “real person” saying it’s the best product there is. 

Influencers have become celebrities in their own right with dedicated fan bases that tune-in every week to a new video or post. Having them bring your product to the forefront is a good move for any company looking for potential customers. Reaching out to influencers has become one of the biggest trends in the 2020s. Partnering with influencers has opened up a whole new avenue of generating genuine content of people using the products. This also helps in establishing the image of a brand worth buying from. 

Use of various media

Print media is now slowly becoming part of a bygone age. Customers are now more discerning, and are definitely more used-to a fast paced lifestyle and some best local SEO that offers the same services. Consumers these days want fun, interactive ads that run about a mile a minute. With shorter attention spans, maintaining even the smallest bit of curiosity in a sea of competitors may be difficult in these times. You have to make sure that every social media campaign you’re running has everything it needs to attract attention which means you need to keep engaging your audience. Every move has to be with the objective to stand out in a field of rivals having similar products. Videos should be fast-paced, novel, and fun. Companies no longer need to rely on just posters or word of mouth. The better your media is, the more shares it could have on various social media platforms. Instagram has a feature which allows users to share posts to their stories and if they find your product good they’ll share it which is basically free advertising. But to get their marketing must be trendy and caters exactly to their target audience.

Customizing ads to users

Consumers these days require convenience and ease. What they want to see on their timelines is a curated version of the constant stream of advertisements. In customizing your demographic fields to cater to certain audiences, it will be sure to attract more traffic to your marketing campaigns. Clients may not know they actually need a product until they see it on their timelines. Customizing your ads to your demographic will ensure that it will keep them engaged and more likely to look for notifications and updates on your product. Not doing so will make for an aimless social media campaign. People prefer to see ads based on their interests. This also makes it faster to reach your target audience. Customers are more likely to engage in buying products when it’s in line with their interests or needs – which they may or may not know at the moment. When they like something they see on social media and search for it, your product may also appear as something they might be interested in. In creating ads, multiple can be launched at the same time for different demographics. 

Making use of a reputable digital marketing agency should be the go-to for any band looking to make it. Despite all the setbacks spurred by COVID-19, it certainly hasn’t held digital marketing back. To cope with continuous consumer needs, brands need to keep up with trends. Companies are looking to attract customers and establish an image of being with the new generation. Being trendy has become the norm for companies everywhere. People are being treated to a constant influx of information with everything they need right at their fingertips. It’s become possible now, more than ever, to have a global outreach without relying on traditional, and which may be seen as slow, means in getting your product out there. So, it’s best to get with the program and use a digital marketing agency to your advantage.

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