Top 5 Skirts to Add to Your Summer Wardrobe

Right around the corner are summers in Australia.

The dry weather, sweltering days, and humid nights are a recipe for sweat and discomfort. However, not if you keep your outfits simple and light. But what about style?

Well, don’t worry!

Summer skirts are here to the rescue – they make you look presentable while keeping comfort an utmost priority.

What’s more, you have a skirt appropriate for every occasion – be it a regular day at the office or a night out clubbing. From miniskirts to flowy and knee-length, this summer season, you have myriad styles making their way into the stores that will pique your interest.

So, without delay, know about the best skirts to adorn your wardrobe with –

1.     The Miniskirt

A staple in every girl’s wardrobe since they were introduced would be miniskirts. And why not? If you have legs, showing off a bit of skin with a mini won’t hurt anyone.

You can go for a flowy high-wasted ruffled mini skirt that is perfect to wear when the temperature increases. The good thing is you can pair it with any plain or printed T-shirt, and sneakers would be perfect to complete and nail down the look!

2.     Maxi Skirt

There is nothing better that takes you through hot summer days with comfort than Maxi summer skirts. Easy to wear and wash – these skirts are a must to add to your summer closet.

What’s more fantastic is that you have a solid print variety available in Maxi skirts that can be paired with a basic half-sleeve T-shirt, off-shoulder tops, and muscle tee, among others.

That said, these make for the perfect wardrobe for a Sunday brunch or a casual workday.

3.     Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt or workhorse skirt is one clothing item you will wear all the time. They make for a quintessential element of work or a semi-formal wardrobe.

The great thing is that they can be paired with anything from shirts to T-shirts and standard tees. Plus, do not forget about the fantastic comfort they offer!

4.     Stretchy Skater Skirt

New in the summer town is the sketchy skater skirt featuring an A-line silhouette with an elastic waist – that you will pair with classic canvas and tees. They are perfect for pulling up if you plan to spend the whole day raiding through the town for food and fun.

5.     Midi Skirt

The amazing thing about midi-length skirts is that you can wear them almost any time of the year because of their average length. They help you to make a style statement in the summer, fall, spring and even winter.

A midi skirt is typically a skirt where the hem stops halfway between the ankle and knee.

That said, once summer hits and you plan to wear a midi-skirt, it is best to go for a lighter fabric and colour. Think – cream, white or pastel!

The Bottom Line

The temperature rises when the summer sets in, and so do the hemlines. It is time to finally ditch those pants and pyjamas in favour of breezier outfits this summer – skirts!

Not only do skirts give you that girly and stylish look, but they also provide comfort and convenience. It is the perfect option when you don’t want to wear pants or shorts. In this post, you will find some of the best Summer skirts to make a part of your wardrobe. They are easy to find and affordable to buy.

So, don’t wait and update your closet before summer officially announces its presence.

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