Top 3 YouTube to MP3 Converter – Know Their Functionality & Features

Since YouTube is a video posting site, you cannot upload and publish the recorded sound source as it is. Therefore, many peoples want to convert YouTube videos to audio files. In that case, the most suitable option is using YouTube to MP3 Converter. There are lots of YouTube to MP3 Converter are available online.

However, you may want such YouTube to MP3 Converter, which is more stable and safer than the website, because the conversion is fast and the operability is easy. YouTube to MP3 Converter must have such features that are convenient editing functions such as cut and trim when converting videos and a full range of functions.

Best youtube to mp3 and mp4 website yt1s
That’s why the article will introduce some best “YouTube to MP3 Converter” that can fulfill your requirement. Please continue the article and chose the best one’s forms below listed YouTube to MP3 Converter.

4K YouTube to MP3 converter:

  • No ads
  • The conversion speed is slow
  • Easy to operate with a simple design
  • You can choose the sound quality
  • You can also convert it to mp4
  • You can specify the start time and end time of the audio and cut it.
  • You cannot convert video longer than 20 minutes

  • You cannot select sound quality
  • Simple to use and easy to understand
  • The conversion speed is fast
  • There are invisible or malicious ads
  • com:
  • There are hidden or negative ads
  • Can be converted to AAC, Ogg, m4a, WMA, FLAC, wav
  • You can choose the sound quality
  • Breakneck conversion speed
  • Conversion may fail with an unexplained error

It is widely supported and convenient, so it is highly evaluated in the streets. Still, it was very stressful to use because there were many invisible advertisements and many errors occurred. It is attractive that the conversion speed is fast.

  • Pop-up ads appear during conversion
  • There are malicious advertisements
  • The conversion speed is fast
  • You can convert it to MP4 and AVI
  • You cannot select sound quality
  • You cannot convert some videos and videos longer than 2 hours

  • The mp3 conversion speed is a little fast.
  • Besides mp3, it can also be converted to mp4 /AVI.
  • There are so many output formats.
  • You can’t convert some YouTube videos for more than 3 hours or some unknown reason.
  • You cannot specify YouTube video time.
  • You cannot specify output mp3 sound quality.
  • A pop-up ad appears during the conversion.

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