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Things to Avoid When Doing Link Building Strategy

It’s only natural for most businesses to lean toward link building when it comes to getting the attention of their target demographic. After all, building links is one of the most common search engine optimization (SEO) methods, and it can provide even startup companies a decent amount of staying power. Such is the reason why link building services are always in such high demand.

That said, just as there are plenty of opportunities to succeed, there are also many chances for a company to accidentally flounder when opportunity comes knocking. Here are some of the top things to avoid when applying link building strategies to a marketing campaign.

Not taking advantage of link building services

Starting with the most straightforward mistake, it’s always best to make up for lack of experience with a professional service. It’s the age-old saying: if you want to make money, be prepared to spend money. A company cannot get very far without the help of professionals, making it extremely inefficient to try to do everything independently.

Perhaps the company can potentially apply link building strategies after getting the help of professional services, as it offers the best platform to learn from professionals. Learning from experts is how a new business manages to compete with the best in the industry.

Going for quantity at the cost of quality

Another straightforward mistake is thinking that quantity will trump quality at the end of the day. For example, writing down blogs and articles can be fantastic for any link building strategy, but only if the written content is good enough for the average online user. If the content is filled to the brim with misinformation and grammatical errors, readers are more likely to scoff and leave than be converted to a paying customer.

That said, getting both quality and quantity is more than possible. It’s about taking advantage of blogging companies with a proven track record and using their expertise to write more and more pieces. It is also one of the few situations where long-form content trumps content that is simple and to the point. Typically, those that click articles would like a long and informed piece about the relevant topic.

Third-party metrics are not the point

While third-party metrics can matter quite a bit for many businesses, it is far from the main focus of building links. This is why company owners are recommended to watch professional marketing specialists work, taking note of the little decisions they make throughout the process. Keep in mind that not everything can be converted to a purchase. While it’s best to focus on quality over quantity, obsessing too much over keeping things as perfect as possible by focusing on third-party metrics can cause more trouble than it’s worth.

Not taking advantage of current trends

While it’s easy to look into what’s relevant to the business and go with that, it’s not always going to get the attention of the target demographic. The world of marketing is full of twists and turns, and it’s all about learning to read the room and predicting future trends. The reason why professionals are always recommended is that they typically have years of experience. 


Said experience is put to good use, as the study of trends over the years means they have an advantage when predicting new trends. If the link building strategy is relevant to the company but not to current trends, it can be challenging to keep up with competitors. Learning how to merge the two is the best-case scenario.

There’s no reason to fret when considering the different directions of online marketing. Link building can be quite easy to achieve, provided the company owner is willing to put in the works.

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