The Way Technology is Growing Anxiety on Privacy

Technology is revolutionary in every aspect of human life today. Office work, music, movies, travel, shopping, transport, communication, etc., are just some areas that have transformed. Digital technology now means those devices which are smaller, faster, lighter, and versatile. Now the vast amount of information can be stored locally or remotely by companies. The meaning of “information” has also changed. It now includes photos, video, audio, etc. other media. Because of modern technology, these types of information have become easy to manipulate. 

Disadvantages of digital technology

Here I will describe some downsides of digital technology.

  1. Data Security: Digital technology consists of a vast amount of data that can be collected and stored. These data can be private, which can concern individuals or organizations. It is so much difficult to make sure of safety. A single breach means a vast amount of data and private information can go into the hand of criminals, business rivals, terrorists, hackers, etc. 
  2. Crime & Terrorism: terrorists promote themselves and also encourage others by using social media. Using the dark web, drug dealers trade drugs. Criminals exchanges photos, videos, and locations to spot and attack victims. 
  3. Complexity: We interact with modern devices and machines daily but can’t understand their process. A phone can now tackle all sorts of complicated settings. But a minor problem or glitch in your laptop or phone during operation can cost both time and expense. 
  4. Privacy Concerns: It has become harder to maintain personal privacy in the modern world. Privacies are being stolen or sold. Everyone who uses phones or gadgets takes photos and videos and then posts them online. A minor error can now haunt an individual life when those are posted online. 
  5. Plagiarism: As an endless opportunity of technology, Copyright and Plagiarism has become easy. Copyright laws are also hard to enforce. Often the original creator is forgotten because of plagiarism.

Conclusion: Everyone in society wants to depend on technology to make everything automatic. But this can be dangerous and take money, privacy, and even life.

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