The Tech You Need for a Seamless Streaming Experience

Whether you plan on streaming movies or video games, it’s a fact that the tech you have will determine how great your experience is. A seamless streaming experience means you can enjoy hours upon hours of your favorite movies and shows or engage in the latest and greatest video games in the comfort of your home. If you’re ready to level up your streaming Mediaposts experience and you’re in the market for new gear, here are the essential tech items you’ll need to purchase.

A Desktop or Laptop Built for Streaming

The most important piece of tech you need is a desktop or laptop for streaming. This means the device has been built with the components and features needed to stream smoothly. Things such as storage space, memory, the CPU and graphics need to be impressive so that you don’t experience lagging and interruption.

If it’s a laptop you are considering, make sure it has at least 256 GB of storage and the ability to buy more, as well as 16GB of memory or more. These should be seen as the base levels, and you don’t have to settle for less.

Top Quality Wireless Headset with Microphone

If you’ve ever watched professional gamers in one of their live sessions, the first thing you’ll notice is that they will wear a headset usually with a built-in microphone. A good quality headset should have noise cancellation which means you’ll be able to experience all the sounds in your game without any background interference. The built-in microphone will offer better sound quality than what your laptop or desktop comes with.

But what if you don’t plan on playing video games? A headset is still incredibly useful for streaming video content. It goes back to the noise cancellation properties which will make the sound seem crisper. It also means you can watch movies and shows without eblogz interrupting others around you.

Backlit Keyboards are Great for Evening Use

For those who tend to do a lot of streaming in the evening and overnight hours, a backlit keyboard is an absolute must-have. It provides you with just enough light to see the keyboard with ease and you don’t have to turn on harsh overhead lights. Overhead lights can be too bright and create glare on the screen. Some backlit keyboards give users the ability to change the color, making it look more high-end and customized.

The Stream Deck – the Gadget You Will Use the Most

Here’s a gadget that isn’t always talked about or gets the hype it deserves. If you find yourself toggling between multiple apps regularly, then a stream deck can be incredibly helpful. It’s a device with multiple keys that will act as your desktop controller so that you can move between apps with ease and speed. It’s small enough to sit on your desk next to your mouse, meaning it’s always within reach.

Making sure you have each of the items listed here means you’re in for a seamless and enjoyable streaming experience.

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