The Best Treatment for Vaginal Issues: Laser Therapy

Well, 50% of women experience menopause complaints like vaginal dryness, itching, prolapse Toronto and burning, among other typical menopause signs. Laser therapy is one of the newest methods for dealing with these issues. Recent research indicates that the sexual and urinary functionality of a vaginal in oestrogen is as powerful and safe as in laser therapy. The journal of The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) has published these results.

Because of the decreasing amount of oestrogen after menopause, women are subject to several genital and urinary issues including vaginal dryness, decreased elasticity, vaginal burning, discharge, and (GSM). The vagina decreases in caliber and the constriction of the vaginal opening is caused by these symptoms.

The first line of defense also prescribes vaginal lubricant or moisturizers in dealing with these symptoms (if moderate). Vaginal oestrogen that is extremely effective and healthy is recommended to women with more serious symptoms. However, a disadvantage to vaginal oestrogen treatment is that women do not always follow this. Studies reveal that the rate of enforcement only varies from 50% to 74%. High-risk patients with breast or uterine cancer cannot get its benefits.

In recent times, a viable therapeutic alternative has been proposed for fractional CO2 laser therapy. In other areas of the body, lasers have also been used to restructure tissue and generate new collagen and elastin fibers. The use of laser therapy in menopause-related vaginal symptoms is still very recent and most trials record outcomes just 12 weeks after the procedure. This most recent research was the first of six months of follow-up to compare the efficacy and effectiveness of laser therapy with vaginal oestrogen.

After six months, researchers observed similar changes in GSM effects as in urinary and sexual activity after laser and vaginal oestrogen therapy. 70 to 80% of study participants were either satisfied with or highly satisfied with the choice of either therapy, without serious negative effects.

Research has been conducted in the report “The VeLVET Trial.: A randomized clinical study contrasting vaginal laser therapy with vaginal oestrogen treatment of females with menopause genitourinary syndrome.”

Finally, pelvic organ prolapse or POP is one more prevalent problem. This is a pelvic floor disease that affects about one-third of all women in their lives. The pelvic region is handled in a gentle and non-invasive manner with laser gynecological treatment. The tissues of the infected region are tightened to contract the vaginal canal and to manage the pelvic organ prolapse problem efficiently.

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