The Best Social VR Apps & Social VR Games On The Market

Virtual Reality (VR) couldn’t have hit us at a better time. Chances are you reading this at home, stuck indoors, looking for a way to make the best of it because you are locked down indefinitely. If this is you, and you’re sick of idly looking for hire mobile game development company, getting on faceTime with your friends, and want to try something new, VR might be up your alley.

Social VR is a platform that allows you to interact with others in virtual reality. You can create your own avatar and interact in a world that the developer has created or create your own. Social VR is a new concept for most people. If you are one of them, be sure to take a look at some of the best social VR apps on the market.

4 Social VR Games To Look Out For

1.     NeosVR

Created by Solirax, NeosVR is a multiplayer metaverse that allows users to interact with each other using avatars. You can also use its development tools to create maps, games, and loads of other things within the game. You can import avatars from other games using the avatar creator that you get within the game. You can expect to experience a variety of features, including social lounges, mini games, and so on. Furthermore, NeosVR is known to support most known and used VR headsets.

2.     AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR harnesses the power of virtual reality technology to give you a premium virtual experience, including meetups, live shows, classes, and a lot more. You could join these activities or host your own and invite other people. Its event-hosting features include:

  • Unlimited capacity
  • Audience interaction tools
  • Screen-sharing
  • Cross-platform support

It supports devices like Oculus Rift/Rift S, Quest/Quest 2, and Windows Mixed Reality.

3.     Rec Room

Rec Room is one of the better-known VR applications for Oculus and most other popular VR headsets. You can invite your friends to Rec Room and turn yourselves into cartoon versions of yourselves.

Besides this, you can do a bunch of other things, including interacting with other players, other objects in the environment, etc. You can also indulge in a variety of activities like a simple walk in the virtual sun, playfield, campfire, going to the park, and so on.

Rec Room also allows for private experiences. You can create your own room using its in-built room builder and spend time in it, hanging out, playing games like laser tag, capture the flag, paintball, battle royale, and much more. Be sure to get yourself a cool VR headset to get the best out of Rec Room.

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4.     PokerStars VR

Chances are you either can’t or don’t want to go to Las Vegas and put your real money on the line. Fortunately, you can head to a casino and enjoy yourself in PokerStars VR. Get your friends, use fake money, and have a blast. However, you ought to keep in mind that the game gives you the option to use real money to buy chips.

PokerStars VR offers you 8 exotic casino locations you can head to for a nail-biting session of Poker or Texas Hold’em. These locations include the Galaxy Space Station, a volcanic lair, Macau Suite, and so on. In addition to being a very realistic emulation of an actual casino, it allows you to play a character. You may dress up your character, use props, smoke a cigar, and so forth.


These are four among a multitude of killer VR applications that you ought to check out. If you are new to the world of Virtual Reality, these four will help you kick things off as you eventually venture into social VR apps of your type. You can even hire unity developers to build a social VR app.

Other popular social VR games and apps include VRChat, VTime XR, and OrbusVR. Make sure you look up the best VR headsets and pick one up before you start using these social VR apps.
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