Testing 5G Networks with 5G Network Testing Equipment and tools, 5G Speed Tests Tools & RF Drive test tools: Differences, Challenges, and Opportunities

5G network will undoubtfully change the world around us by enabling a brand-new version of the network which is designed to connect virtually all where they also include devices, machines, and many more. So now let us look into differences, challenges, and opportunities in Testing 5G Networks with Smart 5G Network Testing Equipment and tools, 5G Speed Tests Tools & Smart RF Drive test tools in detail below.

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What exactly is a 5G network and how does it work?

After the 4G LTE network, the next generation of mobile technology is the 5G network.5G network provides us seamless coverage, increased bandwidth, ultra-low latency, latest connectivity, and high data rate resulting us highly reliable communication.

5G is not a single technology it is a combination of many technologies that are merged with it. Following are the multiple technologies:

>> mmWave (millimeter)wave

  • 5G NR

>> Massive multi-user MIMO

>> Small Cell Stations

>> Beamforming

>> NOMA (non-orthogonal multiple access)

>> Mobile edge computing (MEC)

  • Edge Computing

There are also many more technologies that will be part of the 5G network. The final standard will be done by International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

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5G’s complexity can be a favoring in disguise because it presents an opportunity for CSPs and sellers to advance their conventional testing techniques and come up with new testing and confirmation techniques.

Quicker and more proficient testing strategies will be the key for CSPs to differentiate from the competition. With 5G’s benefit-based design and hundreds of utilize cases, approving a 5G network for good user involvement gets to be truly intense. Updating the test methodology is the key to guaranteeing quick time to advertise items subsequently driving the 5G race for the CSPs and sellers.

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The main focus of 3G and 4G was to test new features, radio conditions, throughput requirements, and handovers, etc.

CSP’S used to perform feature, stability, capacity, RF-based test, etc. before a product was delivered to CSP who then do drive tests, scenario tests, radio antenna calibration testing before the products (e.g., RNC, eNodeb) were exposed to the network. Based on issues found amid real network testing, bugs were settled in another release of the product. That is time-consuming

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Why does 5G need a test strategy?

Creating a test strategy for 5G is more challenging. One way to simply test strategy is Use case-driven test architecture approach. Network Providers, CSPs, telecom service providers, and vendors need to be more alert and follow the fastest software implementation, testing, delivery, integration, and implementing the models unlike which is followed by Netflix and Amazon. It is the right time for any of the tier-1 companies to switch from traditional operators to internet giants with alert operations.

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For faster and bug-free software here are the certain strategy to follow by telecom companies:

  • Plan for Use case-driven test strategy unlike Telecom operator should plan for 15-20 use case scenarios and make the test strategy around it
  • Network Slicing is one important case of 5G, where slicing will be automatically created, used, and deleted. Slices have a certain limit where they can be created for a few seconds to a few hours depending on requirements. Managing such hard behavior Is only possible through automation.
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  • 5G’s phenomenal complexity needs a DevOps-based approach with continuous testing, integration, and deployment over the lifecycle. Static test techniques as had been utilized within the past will not work in this fast-paced DevOps time.Visit Here:
  • 5G testing design must be program-based with different test suites, test cases, setups, test versatility, etc. should be done with changes in program or setup in static records related with test suites. These applications should utilize services and the basic foundation is given by the cloud.
  • A legacy testing system utilizing 3G/4G systems can moreover be optimized to be part of the unused 5G test system subsequently empowering legacy, inter-RAT, and Inter System Handover testing scenarios.If You Need More Information’s check This Link:   gram24

Deploying 5G in will pick up open up unlimited opportunities for business, new case users, devices, and applications

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