Technologies Used to Build an App Like Uber

The increasing population is eating away the open space everywhere. With worsening traffic situations and parkings going full, increasingly more people are switching to the on-demand taxi service for quick and convenient travel. Hence, the future of on-demand taxi services looks promising and bright. For the existing service providers, this means solving most of the client pain points and enhancing their services. And for the aspiring one, this is a chance to test their unique ideas and enter the lesser explored area of on-demand taxi service industry to make a market shift. If you are looking for Uber-like app development Toronto, then this blog is for you. It will help you understand the development process. So, let’s start.

How does an App Like Uber Works?

If you are looking to create a taxi booking app like Uber, you should know how this service works for the customers. Below is a step-by-step explanation:

  1. Request: The user requests a car immediately or on a schedule through the app. The request is received by nearby drivers.
  2. Matching: A driver may either reject or accept a ride. If he rejects, then the request is transferred to another nearby driver.
  3. Ride: The user can track the approaching taxi and will know the estimated arrival time.
  4. Payment: The price estimation in advance and cashless method of payment make the procedure smoother both for the driver and the customer. It is an important thing to consider while creating an application like Uber.
  5. Rating: It is another vital part of Uber-like app’s business model which improves the service reliability.

Functionalities of an Uber-Like App

To create an Uber-like taxi booking app, you need to first understand the main components of the entire sstem. A taxi booking app depends on the creation of two different apps with similar functionalities, interconnected with an admin panel. Let us find out what features are vital to build an app like Uber:

Features of Passenger Panel App

For the passenger or customer app, the core features include:

  • Registration
  • Taxi Booking
  • Fare calculator
  • Driver tracking
  • Payment
  • Push Notification
  • Driver Rating and review
  • Messaging
  • Customer support
  • Travel History

Some of the advanced features that can also be added in the passenger app include:

  • Ride cancellation
  • Pickup location
  • Split Payment
  • Interactive map
  • Ride Later
  • Book for Others
  • Discounts and Gamification
  • Voice recognition
  • Waiting list
  • Panic Button

Features of Driver Panel App

The core features included in the driver application are:

  • Log In
  • Driver profile and status
  • Trip Alert
  • Push Notifications
  • Messaging
  • Navigation and route optimization
  • Driver delivery report
  • Support
  • Reviews

Some of the advanced features that can also be added in the driver app include:

  • Driver Destination
  • Waiting time
  • Heat Maps
  • Quest earning
  • Forward Dispatch

Features of Admin Panel App

To organize and manage the drivers processes and keep a track of client satisfaction, an Uber-like app requires a central control point. So, an online admin panel is also a part of the system that helps manage customers, order, drivers, locations, payouts, payments, and other process in an Uber-like app. The features that an admin panel of an app like Uber should include are:

  • Driver and customer management
  • Location and fare management
  • Vehicle management
  • Booking management
  • Notifications management
  • Check rating and reviews
  • Review driver’s payoffs and orders
  • Driver and customer support
  • Promotions and discounts management
  • FAQs and system control management

Technologies Used to Create an Uber-Like App

Are you looking for the technologies that go into creating a taxi app like Uber? You have reached the right place. Here we will discuss all the important technologies that go into creating an app like Uber.

The main technology that helps create a taxi booking application is Geolocation. Any such app will use navigations and mapping technologies heavily, including:

  • Finding a device location with Google’s location API for android and CoreLocation framework for iOS.
  • Offering directions to the drivers using Google Maps AP for Android and MapKit for iOS.
  • Maps Integration. Generally Google maps are included in both Android and iOS app versions.

Another essential technical factor to consider is Messaging and Push Notifications in the app. Apps like Uber require great communication right from a request made by a passenger to acceptance by the drive to ride cancellation and more. For text messages, the Uber-like apps can use telecommunication service providers like Twilio, Sinch, and more. To equip an app with push notifications, Apple Push Notification can be used on iOS and Google Cloud messaging can be used on Android.

Another vital functionality that can be implemented in an Uber-like app is Payment Gateway Integration. To keep away from human errors, such apps should have a pay-off procedure using payment cards. To integrate this feature flawlessly, it is vital to comply with country policies and requirements for dealing with the data securely. Whether you are developing an app like Uber for iOS or Android, there are various payment features that you can add, like PayPal, scan cards by screen, different credit/debit cards, and more.


Creating an app like Uber is a demanding and long process that calls for lots of time, money, and dedication. Creating this advanced kind of app for SMEs and start-ups can be a bit costly. Business owners can choose and tailor the app’s structure that best fits their budget and needs. Later they can get in touch with top app developers in Canada and get an advanced taxi booking app created.

With decades of experience in creating mobiles apps, we at iQlance offer impeccable services to all our clients. Our mobile app specialists can guide you professionally on the latest technologies and market trends to adapt an app idea. We will assist you to grow your taxi booking business and create a loyal client base by creating top-notch applications for iOS, Android, and web platforms.

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