Sylhet is a holiday paradise

History of Sylhet

In 1833, Robert Bruce discovered the first tea trees in the Khasi and Jayantia hills. The Assam Tea Company was formed in 1839. Haji Mohammad Hashem, Dwarkanath Tagore, and Motilal Shil came into business actively. European traders took Chinese tea trees from the Botanical Gardens in Calcutta and established the first tea garden in Chittagong in 1840. The first commercial tea production took place at the Mulichera Tea Estate in Sylhet (1857). The Sylhet region of the Surma river valley became the tea industry’s principal claimant in East Bengal. Gradually other parts showed interest in the tea industry like Comilla, Panchagarh, etc. Assam Bengal Railway was the lifeline of this estate during the East India Company period. The British used to export tea all over the world through the port of Chittagong. At the commencement of the twentieth century, various entrepreneurs showed interest in tea estates. Syed Abdul Majid, Nawab Ali Amjad Khan, Ghulam Rabbani are among them. At present Ispahani family is also an important name in the tea industry.

T Capital of Bangladesh

Srimangal in Sylhet is the capital of Bangladesh. The valley makes up of about 150 tea gardens, some of which are the largest globally. These tea gardens support about 3 lakh workers, of which 75 percent are women.  At one time, Bangladesh was at the forefront of the earth as a tea exporting country, but that glory has mostly disappeared. Tea directly imports here from different countries of the world.

Retirement paradise

The trees here will talk to those who love solitude. I also knew the tamarind tree inside the known and unknown trees. Open swimming pool, lawn tennis court, table tennis court, above all night sky. Green is green and just green. The comfort of eyes and peace of soul. Retirement paradise.

The unity of the crickets in the firefly and the birds’ presence at night gave a worthy accompaniment.

How to go:

The distance from Dhaka to Srimangal in Sylhet via AH or N2 Highway is 182 km. There is also the International Sylhet Airport. The distance from there to Srimangal is 80 kilometers, which means a couple of hours by road. There are also many more sophisticated resorts.

Sitting in the tea garden to drink tea, but I agree to cross this path once more.

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