Supplying the Landscaping Industry with Products for Residential and Commercial Applications

Rock Pros also offers flagstones, landscaping supplies, and landscaping equipment along with sand, soil, and masonry supplies. Any person in need of landscape supplies can find it at a landscape supply company. We’re here to help you with any type of project, from a simple residential remodel to a large commercial construction project. Offering a wide variety of products is what we do. Purchasing landscaping materials from us will ensure that you receive the best results.


Aside from pipe bedding and paver bases, PG&E sand is generally only used for utility purposes, not for decorative purposes. The plaster sand used to manufacture stucco is soft. In addition to this, plaster lathing is used for other purposes. White concrete mixes are an ideal choice for volleyball courts because of the white color and because they are easy to access. The mix of concrete and plaster can also be used to make lawn mowing borders.


Our flagstone selection goes beyond Ebony Black and Oregon Eagle to include a number of color and finish options. A quartzite gem was historically created by heating sandstone to a high temperature, and then cooling it suddenly to form crystals. A wide variety of landscaping options is available with our Flagstones.


We offer a wide selection of soil for your garden or your next project at Rock Pros Landscape Supply. In addition to building grassy areas, sand and gravel can also be used to make sandboxes. Those gardeners who are looking to retain moisture in their soil and to have good drainage should use 50/50 blends. Growing conditions in your garden will be improved because of Grower’s Blend’s organic matter.

Regardless of your landscaping dreams, Rock Pros Landscape Supply can help you make them come true with our expert advice and friendly service. In addition, you shouldn’t spend too much on it. We can show you what makes us different at Rock Pros Lincoln.

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