Step Up Your Style: 3 Must-Have Shoe Styles for Men

To create a versatile small collection of men’s shoes that covers all the essential types, follow two simple rules. Firstly, prioritize classic styles over fleeting fashion trends. Secondly, invest as much as possible in quality rather than quantity, as the saying goes. Remember that your shoes often make the initial impression, and worn-out footwear may not convey the best image. Since the goal is to minimize the number of pairs, there is an additional rule: be ruthless. Certain beloved styles are not included below as they are not essential for those on a budget or limited to space. Hiking boots, for example, are a nice addition but not a necessity. The same applies to monk straps, pool sliders, and even high tops.

When it comes to building a small, versatile men’s shoe collection, stick to timeless classics and prioritize quality over quantity. Remember, your shoes leave a lasting impression. Be ruthless and exclude non-essential styles like hiking boots, monk straps, pool sliders, and high tops. Have a look below to find the essential shoes in this trendy season.

1- Sneaker 

While chunky trainers enjoy their fashion moment, the minimalist sneaker truly shines as a wardrobe hero. Inspired by retro tennis shoes, this understated sneaker has become a crucial element in many outfits, including yours. The genuine article lacks prominent sports logos or branding, hefty treads, or air-cushioned soles. It is crafted from leather, whether real or imitation and should never be mistaken for plimsolls. If you want to buy great shoes within your budget so you can use internet power through Shein code.

2- Oxford 

Considered the sturdier counterpart to the Oxford, the Derby shoe embodies the perfect balance between formal and casual footwear. It effortlessly refines raw denim while adding a relaxed touch to suits, making it a staple for creative individuals seen carrying their flat whites. The technical distinction lies in the construction: the tongue seamlessly blends with the vamp, and the quarters are stitched to tabs on either side, showcasing the characteristic “open lacing.” The Derby’s sole, available in leather or rubber, offers enhanced traction and durability. Derbies possess a blend of practicality and style, effortlessly complementing a wide range of outfits. The simpler the design, the greater the shoe’s versatility.

3- Espadrille 

As the oldest shoe style in the neighborhood, the espadrille has been a staple in Europe since the 14th century. While affordable versions can be found in Southern European markets, there are also pricier designer options available. More durable and versatile than flip flops, they offer decent comfort for short distances and are ideal for sandy beaches and beyond. From the beach to bar and exploring the charming old town, these breathable canvas shoes cover the front of your feet, making them a convenient choice, especially when your nails are not perfectly groomed. They effortlessly pair with linen, beachwear, shorts, chinos, and light jeans, and on the right occasion, they can even complement a summer suit, such as a poolside wedding. Just remember, never, ever wear them with socks.

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