Sports News: The New Phases And Evaluation For Women

In the past few years, women have been conscious about their rights and struggling to establish them, and they have been quite successful in this quest. In workplaces, educational institutions, and society, women have been ascertaining their rights and inspiring fellow females to do so. So, along with the workplace, women have been solidifying their rights in the sports industry in recent times. According to many news and 먹튀검증, many female athletes have also proved their potential and, in some cases, proved to be more successful than men. So, it has been seen that women’s empowerment and participation in sports have been rising parallel.

History of women’s participation in sports:  The royals of the British empire were keen to enjoy sports, and later on, they started to participate too. But the participation of female athletes in sports was started in the Asian subcontinent later. The rule of the British introduced modern sports in this country, and now it has been spreading at a rapid pace. In the world, at the end of the 19th century, women were interested in sports like horseback riding, archery, tennis, etc. Still, it was only limited to the women of the upper-class society. In 1990, women athletes participated for the first time in the Olympics. In that year, Charlotte Cooper won the tennis tournament and became the first female Olympic winner. And in 1992, Rhèaume became the first-ever athlete to participate in the central North American tournament. After 48 years of this incident, history was created when a black woman won a gold medal in Olympics.

Influence of women athletes in women empowerment:  Actively participating and winning the tournaments, women made the world understand that they are not feeble, and they rose a step higher, proving that they can do anything men can. Now, conferences are being held emphasizing this matter in European countries. Sport has now been exclaimed as “Universally shared human culture.” Through this, gender equality is being more strengthened, leaving racism behind. Women are learning to defend themselves by doing exercises that also decrease sexual harassment to a great extent. Currently, the gap between male and female athletes is void. Women should forget their past and be more committed to focusing on the future, and because of this, there will come a day when they will be able to tell their stories to the world. Side by side, successful women, should find new women and encourage them to participate in sports.

The males have been dominating the world since the beginning of civilization, and it is high time women should come and shoulder an equal amount of dominance from them. Taking part in sports can be one of the paths to achieve this goal. Taking part in sports, women boost up their confidence level, self-esteem level and do not feel weak in terms of the physical structure. Depression is not found in women who are athletes, and for this reason, their mental condition is also better than household women’s. So, to make the world a better place, ensuring the participation of women in sports is necessary.

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