Smart Ideas when using stickers for your product’s packaging

Are you ready to embrace new, exciting marketing strategies with custom stickers?

Then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss all things stickers and labels and help you ace your product packaging in no time. All our tips revolve around custom printed stickers. Custom stickers are manufactured to fit your needs. You can send in your design and choose the shape, size, color and material of your stickers. 

This gives you ultimate freedom and ensures that you will find stickers that are perfect for your packaging. We love working with sticker printing companies that offer this amount of flexibility as it really allows you to add value to your brand. 

Now, without further ado, let us have a look at the ways you can use stickers to elevate your product packaging. 

1. Extend your branding 

What is your business all about? How do you want consumers to perceive your business? These are only two questions you can ask yourself when it comes to creating your brand. Stickers are a great way to communicate your brand to your customers. 

Are you striving to become an eco-friendly business? Then let your customers know. A 2018 Forbes study found that 88% of consumers want brands to help them make more ethical and environmentally-friendly choices. Suddenly, your beliefs do not only influence your brand but can become a unique selling point.

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With stickers, you can not only share this information with your customers, you can also invest in sustainable materials. Many printing companies offer stickers that decompose within 12 weeks – perfect if you are already using compostable or recyclable packaging materials. This is a great example to show how stickers can actually help you extend your branding. Visit this site: f95 zone

2. Make a great first impression

Product packaging is essential. Especially in times of social media, the “shareability” of a product has become more and more important. When we make a purchase decision, we often choose the product we find most aesthetically pleasing. This is why the idea of the first impression is crucial. 

However, if you run, or are part of, an e-commerce business, this traditional way of first impressions might not work for you. Instead, the first page of Google can be more of interest to you. This does not mean that you should not invest in amazing product packaging. Your first impression is simply delayed and happens after the point of sale, when your order arrives at your customer’s home. 

The first physical interaction they will have with your brand is seeing and opening your shipping boxes or envelopes. Using stickers, you can make this experience one to remember. We recommend using labels to seal your packages. Then, you can use this space to design a welcoming, friendly message or share a funny quote with your customers. You can even choose a stand-out material to create beautiful glitter or holographic stickers. This way, you create positive emotions before your package is even opened. 

3. Switch it up regularly 

Even the best product packaging can lose its effect. After a while, customers will get used to your design and the great first impression no longer works. To avoid this, switch up your branding regularly. 

We are not suggesting that you should overhaul your entire brand. In fact, you want to hold on to the logos and colors that make your business recognizable. But let your creativity run free and experiment with the things you can change. Can you release a limited edition range that is visually different from your other products? Do you want to spice up your shipping boxes with seasonal motives? Or maybe your brand is passionate about a specific cause you want to raise awareness for? 

All of this is possible with custom stickers. Instead of reprinting your entire merchandise, you can simply add to your existing strategy with different stickers. This way, this process is easy to manage, and you can keep surprising existing customers. 

We hope you loved our tips on using stickers for your product packaging. Are you ready to try them out yourself? We would love to see how you are using custom stickers to level up your business, so please leave a comment below and share your experience with us.

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