Slot Mechanics: Reels, Paylines, Wild & Scatter in Slots

Whether you are the kind of player who sticks to that one slot game that seems to spill you the cash on a suspiciously regular basis or bounce between various slot games with free spins to see which one suits you and to hopefully score a little dough from each, all slot games adhere to the same mechanics.

If you have noticed similarities in slots games regarding the way that they display and allow you wins then you are looking deeply at the slot mechanics. It is no bad thing to look into the mechanics of slot games because it will leave you with an understanding of how they work and how you can beat them.

The most commonly noticeable mechanics in slot games are the reels, paylines, wilds, and scatters, and we are here to clue you into what each one does and how you can use these mechanics to your advantage.

What are the Main Slot Game Mechanics and how do they Work?

Before we start, we must stress the importance of these slot mechanics because if you want to master all slot games then you need to know the glue that cements them together.

Here are the main slot mechanics and their functions:

1. Slot Reels

Any well-seasoned veteran on the online slots scene will have most definitely seen the slot reel. They are almost exactly what they sound like: those vertical columns in which the symbols and bonuses lie. The slot reel mechanic will spin after pulling the lever to reveal the potential winning symbols. All you have to do is line them up to win the big bucks!

2. Paylines

You may know the payline by alternative terms like the betting or winning lines, but they all provide the same thing. A payline, in its simplest form, is a combination of symbols and tokens that result in you winning cash.

Traditionally, a slot machine has three slot reels and one payline, that payline being to match three symbols. Modern slots tend to have five slot reels and three to five paylines and combinations.

3. Wild in Slots

The wild feature in slots is like the standard symbols that show up to keep you winning but with a crucial difference. The difference is that wild symbols replace standard symbols to create opportunities to get bonuses, rewards, and extras. If you are seeing wild symbols then your cash is about to blow through the roof!

4. Scatter in Slots

Scatter symbols, akin to the wild symbol, act as little bonuses for the player to receive. They, however, do not have to appear in a match to be triggered and can instead be set off by simply seeing them appear on your payline.


The aforementioned are all the most common forms of slot game mechanics that will more than likely appear in every online slot game that you play. Now that you know what the foundations of slot games are, you can master them and run home with the jackpot!

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