Selection of a Quality Cabro Cutting Machine

The various technological inventions and creativity in the engineering field have led to fast growth in the construction industry. The development of machines in this field has contributed to the low cost of acquiring building materials since most people now can make the materials e.g. blocks and cabros themselves using the-friendly machines.

Cabros are blocks used in decorating pavements at homes and in institutions to make the walking and parking paths attractive. The blocks are made of cement, sand, ballast and construction dyes of different colours making them very attractive when properly laid on the pavements.

Figure 1: A Cabro Machine

A machine has been made to enable faster and cheaper production, therefore, it helps builders to reduce production costs.

Types of Cabro Cutting Machines

There are various types of cabro cutter equipment that are specialised to perform their function differently though producing a similar product.

1. The Mechanical Cabro Maker

This machine uses mechanical energy mainly diesel to perform the brick cutting. It is cheaper but slower in productivity hence it is discouraged for use by large producing contactors. The maximum capacity that the machine can produce per day is 250 cabros, exceeding this number leads to overheating that damages the machine parts.

2. Electrical Cabro Machine

With the use of electric current, this machine effectively cut the bricks into the desired sizes and shapes that form the pavement blocks. This type of cutter produces a large number of cabros per time duration compared to the first one. It is the most used by large-scale producers since it rarely experiences production delays unless there is a power outage.

Quality machines will result in quality products at a reduced cost. As an investor, look keenly at the following factors before buying your cutter machine:

  • The Manufacturer

Not all manufacturers produce quality machines, it is, therefore, your mandate to do your research well to identify a dealer with a reputation because, see after all, you buy the cutter for your welfare so pleasing a seller may be detrimental to your future use of the equipment. Look for a manufacturer known for quality.

  • The Purpose of the Machine

Before you hurry into ordering the machine, know what the machine will do, will it be for your use or commercial purposes? The answer will direct you to the best one that will satisfactorily meet your demand. It is uneconomical to buy a machine of high capacity only to underutilize it.

  • The Maintenance Practices

Better knowledge of machine operation and maintenance practices is a step ahead of having a quality machine. Select a machine with maintenance practices that you can easily manage. All you need to understand is that buying equipment is easy a greater work relies on its service and maintenance.

Going to the dealer or supplier will not guarantee a quality purchase, your research and inquiry into that which you are buying are what matters. To enjoy the maximum output from your investment, always keep in mind the above critical factors for a quality machine.

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