Selecting the Best Type of Marine plywood  in Kenya

For someone seeking to venture into construction business, marine plywood is definitely the way to go. Marine plywood is a robust and rigid wood material that gives quality assurance to the user. This article provides information about marine plywood. It covers on its benefits and limitations providing users with the information they need before purchasing this type of wood. It has both indoor and outdoor uses.

Marine grade plywood is made commonly from Douglas fir and western lunch wood. The wood panel can stay in under rain for long time without wearing apart. It is a good quality wood and as the name suggests it can be used in wet areas since made with waterproof glue. It is offers the best option for durable outdoor furniture after it receiving a strong protective finish.

Advantages of using marine plywood.

Good water resistance.

It is constructed using waterproof glue, which enables it be exposed in wet conditions for long. This type of wood as the name suggests is used in constructing boats since they are usually kept in water. It is used also in making docks since they are built in water. This makes it suitable for both stationery and mobile projects. It can be used at home in bathroom floors to minimize moisture and to make good-looking cabinets in the kitchen since it stares away moisture.

Uniform strength.

It contains many thin layers which are arranged in a perpendicular manner which makes it stronger. The lack of holes in between the layers gives it more strength making it more suitable for construction of stable furniture. It is therefore viewed as one of the strongest and most durable types of wood. It maintains its strength even in bad weather and its long lasting.


This is arguably the best factor that brings favor to the marine plywood.It is composed of several thin pieces of wood which means that it can easily fold without cracking.

Disadvantages of using marine plywood.

It is expensive.

Anything that has advantages has its shortcomings also. Marine plywood is more expensive than typical plywood since it is of a higher grade, which makes marine plywood prices in Kenya high. It also requires extremely high temperatures and pressure for bonding to maintain a strong finish.

It is hard to identify

It is hard for someone who is not well conversant with the wood and furniture industry to identify whether good or bad quality marine plywood has been used to construct the furniture.

It has bending issues

Marine plywood requires support since it is easily bend when overloaded. This largely contributes negatively to its durability property.


In conclusion, marine plywood is a smart investment for both commercial and residential purposes. It also serves a balance between both price and quality. It is useful to both homeowners and architects. It is a recommendable and valuable investment since its application benefits outweigh its disadvantages. It is therefore more long-lasting compared to other wood types since it does not wear apart easily or get damaged.

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