SAP Business One on Cloud-For Small and Medium Enterprise

Cloud Computing is one of the latest technological advancements that companies need to start adopting for their own good, if you are using it then you are ahead of curve and if not then you risk falling behind. However, if your business is using Facebook, Skype, Twitter then you are already using Cloud platform without even knowing it, and it has been found that many of the organizations are using cloud application without knowing it. SAP Business One on Cloud can manage your data in a hassle free manner. Some of the myths about cloud computing is that it is not secure, it is harmful to the environment, transition needs lot of time, effort and money.

SAP Business One on Cloud can be deployed in three ways 1. Private Cloud 2. Public Cloud 3. Hybrid Cloud. Depending on the objective and suitability you can choose the one that you think is appropriate for your business.

Let us look at some of the benefits of SAP Business One on Cloud

  • SAP Business One on Cloud is cost effective and that is a crucial point for the small and medium enterprises, you need not have to spend a lot on the purchase of IT infrastructure and also you need not have to hire personnel for the management of the Cloud operations, all these are taken care of by the software vendor.
  • SAP Business One on Cloud offers a centralized database solution, therefore it can be accessed by anyone, the salespeople would be able to get the data at any point so that they are able to offer customized solutions to the clients, also the top management can make use of the feature to make the informed decisions which can have a major impact on the business
  • SAP Business One on Cloud offers the great feature of scalability, where the ERP software is able to match the new needs of your business with minor modifications, many of the traditional business solutions do not offer these feature and when your business grows, get bogged down as they are not able to match the increased demands, whereas in case of SAP business One on Cloud, the ERP software is able to meet the new increased demands
  • SAP business One can be accessed from anywhere anytime and therefor the top management can have access to the crucial data at any time so that they can make their decisions quickly and in an informed way. The data can be accessed on mobile or any kind of tablet, therefor you have no worries on the accessibility front.

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