Requirements to start a laundry business

First of all, having a physical platform, this space should be enough to have several household laundry equipment such as automatic washers and dryers. Second, you need to have all the legal paperwork up to date, such as business permits and business registration. Thirdly, acquire automatic washing equipment for clothes, these must be several and must have a large capacity so that the equipment does not suffer, presenting short-term damage due to constant use.

Advantages of having a laundry business

Once the investment is made and the infrastructure is set up, everything is very simple, you just have to wait for the traffic of users who will enjoy the service you provide, attending to the fluctuation of the business, constant profits will be seen. If you live in a foreign country, you may have significant expenses in terms of services, so if you are looking to save a little on electricity and water bills, you can use the services of your laundry business. This is a highly sought-after service, especially by the single and independent population that does not have laundry equipment or does not show a genuine interest in washing and ironing their personal clothes, so they fully rely on this type of business. Read How to start a Laundromat?

Success stories of the laundry business

A standard success story of this business is to see it set up and running, this type of business is very common, so there are no well-known businesses in this area. A successful laundry is the one located on the corner of Magdalena Diez, in Madrid, which has 4 washers and two dryers available for washing and maintaining personal clothing, its constant opening and service has proven that this business is a clear case of success in professional washing. 

Possible difficulties that may arise in a laundry company

One of the main problems that you have to avoid in the processes that you carry out in your clothes laundry are, for example, the discoloration of fabrics caused by the use of water at high temperatures, as well as documents or papers that remain on the garments and combination of garments. colored with white garments. Although the forgetting of objects in the garments is the responsibility of the client, it is worth taking a look to rescue any element that has been left in the pockets and that, in addition, may cause damage to the machines that we use for cleaning.

Keys for your laundry business to be successful

 In addition to the pertinent review of the garments, it is necessary that if you do not have knowledge or what you have you want to reinforce, inquire about the process that your laundry should follow for the treatment of certain garments. A good way to do this is to search for resources online, workshops or approach a laundry with experience in the market, to learn basic and specific aspects that will be of great help to you throughout the process of your laundry business.

How profitable is a laundry business?

Before embarking on a new business of any kind, the entrepreneur must consider its profitability and possible risks. So, how profitable is an assisted or on-demand laundry business?

Many investors are attracted to laundry businesses because they seem to run on their own. Although the investor must purchase machinery, make adaptations in the place where they will operate and of course maintenance, the clients generally complete the labor and the machinery takes care of the rest . That doesn’t mean the investor can sit back, put their feet up and expect to make a fortune with a self-service or on-demand laundromat. Profitability depends on a variety of characteristics and can be drastically different from one laundromat to another.

Daily management

  • If your laundromat is not well maintained, you will have a hard time attracting new customers and retaining your regular customers.
  • The preventive maintenance of your machinery is very important for the correct provision of services as well as its conservation.
  • Plan to visit the laundromat every day.
  • Checks that all basic housekeeping, stocking, and handling of any customer complaints are performed.


Your laundry will not be profitable SBA 7A Loans if customers do not know that you exist and that you offer a wide range of services. Consider placing large and attractive ads, good lighting inside the premises, you must have a presence on social networks to attract new customers.

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