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If you have ever visited Sharjah, you will find that there are expensive and luxury cars for rent. Rent a car Sharjah offer you all type of cars for rent. Here we will discuss some luxury car specifications that why you must rent these cars.

Audi R8 Coup V10 2021

This is the type of luxury car available in shiny black color. This car contains 2 doors and only 2 passengers can travel in this car comfortably.

Specification Of Audi R8 Coup V10 2021

As you know this car is on the list of luxury cars. So as you expect this car has many features because of which this car has millions of fans. If you are also on this list you can hire this car in Sharjah city.

The engine type is V-10 which has a 5.2 L engine capacity with a horsepower of 602 hp. This car has two doors.

Start Your Audi R8 Without Key

You can start this car without a key because this car contains a push button ignition which allows you to fire the engine without switching the key. This means that you are no longer bound by the key.

Maintain Your Constant Speed

This car has another special specification which is cruise control. Now you can maintain your constant speed without using the accelerator pedal and that is amazing.

Remove able/ Convertible Car Roof

That is your choice to drive with or without a roof. Audi R8 Coup V10 2021 can remove the roof partially or fully.

Foldable Armrest

This car also contains a Foldable Armrest which gives you more comfort during driving the Audi R8 car.

Apart from these, this car also contains a power seat which you can move up and down according to your best position and these seats increase the comfort. If you like the Audi brand and want to drive click Rent a car Sharjah and drive it.

Ferrari Portofino 2020

If you like the Ferrari brand you can hire this car too in Sharjah. This car has 2 doors and there is space for 4 passengers with 1 medium size bag. In the case of 4 members, this car is the best choice for you.

Specification Of Ferrari Portofino 2020

All basic and important features are available in this car. This is in the category of a sports car that contains.

Auto Transmission 

It means that during changing the gear this car does not require a clutch as it is important in the case of the manual transmission. This is the reason that driving this car is very easy to compare to old manual cars.

Cruise Control

This car has also a feature of cruise control with the help of which you can maintain your constant speed without using the accelerator pedal.

Climate Control

The climate control feature will maintain the best temperature inside the vehicle. This feature controls the heating and air conditioning system and as result, you will enjoy the normal temperature while driving the Ferrari Portofino 2020.

Built-in GPS

Ferrari Portofino 2020 contains advanced GPS with the help of which you can track you’re desire destination and route. This feature will help you a lot in the case when you are unfamiliar with the roads of Sharjah.

Apart from these, this car also contains other basic features like parking assist, push button ignition, steering assist, leather seat, and a lot more. Here is the link Rent a car Sharjah, with the help of which you can book this car.

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