Relationship Between Science and Modern Technology

Science means knowledge. It is the study of the natural world by collecting data through a scientific method. And technology means where we can use our scientific knowledge to make some inventions. So, technology is the application of science.

Science and technology are entirely different fields of study, but they are interdependent. Knowledge of science gives us many innovative ideas. Then we research and apply them in practical areas from which we get new technologies. The more we get scientific theories, the more tools we can make. But, technologies can also be harmful to the environment and people. The knowledge of science helps us in understanding the negative impact of technologies on the ground.

Modern technology has now become a part of our everyday life. Smartphones, computers, televisions, etc., have made our life much more comfortable. Technology has been improved in the medical sectors too. Now we have medicines for almost every disease. With space technologies, we have conquered space. People can visit anywhere in the world with the help of transportation technology. All of these were made possible with the knowledge of science.

Modern technology has some downsides. Rapid use of technological equipment has given rise to pollution. There are industries almost everywhere. Those industrial wastes are dumped into seas and rivers, which creates water pollution. This pollution can create a health issue. People often suffer from many diseases from contaminated surfaces. The rapid use of technology has created unemployment problems, which is one of the most concerning issues. Computer and robots are replacing humans. Inventions of nuclear weapons have become a great threat to us.

These are the wrong use of science and technology. A country’s development depends on the technology it has. A healthy relationship between science and technology is significant to a nation for its action; otherwise, the government will suffer.

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