Priority Workers: Qualifying for Employment-Based Visas in the United States

Each year, the United States grants EB-1 green cards to applicants in employment-based categories. An applicant’s area of expertise as well as educational and experiential background determine the category that is right for them. To increase one’s chances of being granted a green card, it is best for applicants to work with a skilled EB Visa lawyer in Dallas. The lawyer will walk an applicant through the different categories they may be eligible for. These include the following:

The EB-1 visa category is intended for priority workers or highly capable foreign nationals. Typically, getting this type of visa is easier than getting a visa in other employment-based visa categories. With this category, an employer and employee don’t need to go through the Labor Certification process that the EB2 and EB3 categories require. The following are the requirements for the EB1 visa category:

Persons of Extraordinary Ability (EB-1A)

This visa classification is reserved for those who are being on the top field and looking to go to the United States to continue to work in the same field. It offers foreign nationals a fast way to get a green card. Individuals who have extraordinary ability in the fields of art, education, sciences, athletics, and business qualify for this visa category. Applicants should meet certain requirements to be eligible. These include proving they have sustained national or international claims and their achievements have been recognized in the field they specialize in. Also, they should show that they will pursue work in the U. S. in the same field. This means submitting letters from their current or possible employers to confirm their work arrangements, a statement that details their plans for continued work, or present contracts. 

Outstanding Professors or Researchers

These priority workers have gained international recognition for their exceptional performance in a scientific or scholarly field. Also, they should have a minimum of three years of experience in research or teaching. Lastly, the sponsoring employer is offering an applicant a job or future job offer for a permanent research position. 

Multinational Managers and Executives

This visa category offers an applicant the chance to permanently live and work in the United States. The employer of the applicant should be a viable company in the U. S. and the foreign applicant should have been employed by the company’s affiliate entity for at least a year. Also, the petitioner should demonstrate the high-level managerial or executive duties of the applicant involve job duties vital to the business’ livelihood. 

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