Peaceful living for the children in Palestine

The situation in Palestine is dramatic. Israel is carrying out a mass deportation of Palestinians from their homes and territory. A real ethnic cleansing is taking place with the complicit silence of an entire world.

We have also grown tired of reminding the “forgetful” for the umpteenth time of the hundreds of UN resolutions against Israel or that the international court has opened an investigation accusing Israel of war crimes.

The Palestinians are the victims, the Palestinians are the OCCUPIED, the Palestinians suffer the worst oppression, including legal ones, even  the Palestinians  have the right to live in peace in their state, a state that is continually invaded by massive Israeli settlements. Settlements financed by international funds, especially American,

Palestinians are the CHILDREN who are arrested by the hundreds and Palestinians are the thousands of prisoners without even having a trial or even an accusation of crime.


In 1947, the UN proposes the division of the territory into two areas:
– an Israeli state: which would have been entitled to 55% of the territory, with a population of about 600,000 inhabitants,
– a Palestinian state: which would have been entitled to 45% of the territory, with a population of about one million inhabitants; this state would not have enjoyed territorial continuity (Gaza and the West Bank).

The Palestinian state is opposed to the division of the UN for:
– the little land that has been allocated to it compared to its own inhabitants,
– the existence of the state of Israel.
1948: Ben Gurion unilaterally proclaims (i.e. without an agreement with the other party) the state of Israel, and was recognized by the most important powers in the world; war breaks out against the Arabs.
Public opinion was probably influenced by the publication of the photos of the Shoah. The US had an interest in recognizing the state: it would have a pro-Western ally.


The birth of the state of Israel causes two types of Israel Palestine conflict:
– war against the Arabs: started in 1948 for the proclamation of the Jewish state. The war is about borders, and it is lost by the Palestinians. The Israelis delineate their borders including lands not provided for by the UN, and occupy Jerusalem, which for the international organization should have been divided into two parts.
– tensions with the Arabs in the land of Israel: following the war, the Palestinians suddenly found themselves in the land of Israel, and for this they began to settle along the border, and suffer episodes of violence from the Arabs themselves (because they have become refugees, and for this they also went to other lands).

We are well aware that for decades our country has not had its own independent foreign policy but nevertheless we have a duty to force our government to take a clear and unequivocal position in favor of the Palestinian state and its people.

It will be possible to obtain this change of course by our government only if a very strong mass movement in solidarity with the Palestinian people is born in our country and in the streets.

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