Paysend – How to Verify Identity


The problem of transferring money from one location to another, always was important for people around the world. However, because of recent difficulties all around the world, pandemic and different types of crises, this issue has become bolder than before. Thanks to improvements in technology, currently we are facing so many different platforms that are ready to provide users with all types of financial services and online money transfer. In this short article, we will write about Paysend as one of the successful ideas in this sphere, we will discover its features and know about its verification process.

Paysend Benefits 

As mentioned above, paysend platform is allowing users to send money internationally to more than 90 countries in the world and with a low fee. The platform everyday is trying to cover more countries and provide more services in different locations. Additionally if we write about paysend benefits, we need to mention its fixed fees; the platform automatically will show the transfer fee, exchange rate and receivable amount before the user pays anything. Another important feature of paysend is about the available transfer methods; customers can send their money in any way that is easier and comfortable for them, with bank accounts or cards, or just with a mobile number by paysend link. Should be noted that all money transfers and activities with paysend are certified by Mastercard, Visa, China Union Pay and the FCA. Worthy to mention that transfers will be complete in just some moments and in case of any difficulties paysend is providing users with 24/7 customer services in total online format. Customers can download and have Paysend mobile apps by App store, Google play and also Huawei AppGallery.

Verification Process in Paysend

One of the significant terms for any customer is about security and safety of the platforms. In this case, paysend is providing users with a fully automated verification process, to be sure that everything will be in order and secure. In this way, users need to enter the Settings, go to Top Up Limit and then select the Increase Limit and then follow the instructure. The verification process is so simple and important with paysend; the platform will ask users to take a picture of their identity document and also record the selfie video. Usually the verification process will take from 1 minute to some hours. Should be noted that the identity documents should be like the user’s passport or driving licence or national ID. Worthy to write that in case of any issue, users will always be able to use the online customer service that is available 24/7 for all customers.


Definitely, in this difficult time, platforms like PaySend with their special services and secure atmosphere, can be counted as the best help for all customers around the world who want to transfer money from any corner of the world. Paysend can be a today and tomorrow solution among all online money transfer services.

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