Online Marketing Techniques that Will Shape your Business In 2021

Every year, an innovative discovery is made in the domain of PPC marketing. Commonly used marketing campaigns become outdated and new alternatives take over within the blink of an eye. That clearly conveys how versatile and replaceable the realm of digital marketing actually is. However, the application of PPC is not ceasing to decline so easily. 

The PPC trends in 2020 paid more heed to the emergence of alternatives to Google Adwords, and gave a glimpse of automation in ads, and revealed an outlook on paid social channels. Most of these trends are still being focused on while some trends are exclusively new to the PPC landscape.

Before you look into the intricacies of each technique and proceed with the execution phase, you should have a core prerequisite already taken care of. Without access to a fast and stable internet connection, your marketing efforts will not bear the results you desire. Once you ensure you are connected to a high-speed internet connection like AT&T Internet, only then you can faultlessly embark on your journey to implement the following PPC techniques we have compiled for your business.   

1. Relying on an interactive marketing medium 

Running a Google AdWords campaign to generate traffic for your business is slowly losing its effect. A campaign would not give you the visibility you require as effectively as interacting with your target audience would. Conduct extensive research and shortlist marketing funnels where you can easily cater to a wider audience spectrum.

The medium through which a certain customer placed an order on your eCommerce website could be Facebook or any other social platform where paid campaigns are supported. Look intricately into knowing which channel triggered that customer to place an order. Once you know where the traffic is coming from, you can turn each such potential lead into real customers. 

2. Automation and human input will work together 

Automation in paid search and marketing campaigns is already visible on Google. Ads that match a specific search query are already being displayed on search consoles. With the inclusion of automation, you will no longer require the need to track your campaigns manually. Nor as a marketer, you would have to rely on third-party software programs. Automation systems will be solely responsible for generating and displaying relevant ads to the customers but of course, human input will not be eliminated and will still be required. 

3. Video content continues to prevail 

Dedicating your marketing plans to a single channel and media format is never recommended. Now video content is replacing the norm of uploading static visuals or textual content across social media platforms. You do not necessarily have to upload videos on every social channel you can find, as YouTube alone would improve your online visibility. Since YouTube videos are accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms, your marketing expenses will be cut down and subsequently, you shall have quick means to cater to a global audience. 

4. Focus on building brand loyalty 

While one integral part of your PPC campaign is ROI yet solely being fixated on it will only render temporary results. The brand you are running PPC campaigns for should have a renowned and visible name for itself. Once you are able to build brand loyalty, your investment in PPC marketing is likely to be reduced. Not every marketing campaign should be associated with profit. Instead, your goals should focus on the longevity of your endeavors, not results that exist temporarily.

5. Marketers will leverage the power of AI 

Artificial intelligence is already driving automation in PPC campaigns but the role of marketers has not been taken away from them. Now that marketers and PPCers have multiple AI-based systems to choose from, they can easily select one that produces the desired results without indulging in any confusion. The only obligation needed from the marketers and PPC experts is to understand and fully analyze how machine learning and PPC work together. Once they know to use the norms of smart automation, managing PPC accounts will become secondary to them. 


It is nearly impossible to run a successful PPC marketing campaign in one-go. Trial and error are what allow marketers to experiment with new trends. Some are not able to acquire their desired results while some are successful in their endeavors. Then they can put forward techniques that further help marketers in shaping their marketing efforts. Therefore, there might be some PPC features that are yet to be explored. If you are eager to challenge yourself with the unknown, you might as well find something new and worthy of contributing to the world of PPC! 

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