Online Casino Slots Websites Controversies 

Casino players are truly spoiled for choice today. You can find hundreds and thousands of casinos online including Wizardslots, each more eager than the other to take your deposit. But which one should you go for? In the sea of online gambling, some casinos are user-friendly and some are outlaws. How do you tell them apart?

Discerning the right casinos can be difficult. Every online business makes an effort to only have good PR, and it is very common with casinos to try and eliminate the negative feedback. So how does one completely put their trust in a slots website? What if there are things I don’t know about?

Today we are going to share with you some online casino controversies and incidents. We hope that this will shed some light on which websites to avoid. 


Betfair were involved in a huge scandal where they offered players a very generous Happy Hour promotion by mistake. The promotion was so favourable that players could barely believe it true. Betfair made a mistake and players gained from it. What followed next was a mass confiscation of players’ funds by Betfair. The company refused to honour their own mistake and emptied, blocked and banned players’ accounts. Betfair is a classic example of a casino that bends and changes its own rules. 


This joke of a website has been warned multiple times about spamming other casinos and gambling-related websites. They even had a rule that customers’ winnings will only be valid once they make a publication about their win in the casino. Avoid this casino if you do not like being made to jump! 

Casino 1×2 

The company has in the past ran out of funds and stopped paying players. Nevertheless, they stayed open and continued to accept deposits from new players. 

Lucky 18 Casino 

This business has been exposed as not paying customers their winnings. The owner was arrested in Israel in 2009 and charged with offering an illegal gambling site to residents. Lucky 18 closed in 2011 but appears to be operating again without resolving the issues of the past. 

Playtech Casinos 

This one might come as a surprise since Playtech create some of the best games out there. Their casino group has been accused of having predatory terms and regulations in regard of progressive wins.

For example: a player won $4.1 million in 2009 at Joyland Casino. She found out that she could only withdraw $9,000 per month, which means it’d take 39 years to get all paid out. When she raised up her concerns with the casino, they offered her to take out half of her winnings at once with the other half forfeit. She accepted the offer. Joyland Casino kept $2 million that wasn’t theirs – progressive wins are made up of players’ bets.


As we can see, even some of the well-respected casinos have wronged their customers in the past. Therefore, you’re probably best avoiding the casinos described in this article. Always choose only the best-reviewed businesses and make documentation of big wins so you have proof. We wish you happy gaming!

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