Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds

Northern Lights autoflower seeds are world-renowned by cannabis connoisseurs. Their sweet, spicy scent, calming effects, and high yield potential make these cultivars a must-grow for any marijuana enthusiast.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds guarantee a flowering phase thanks to their ruderalis genes. It’s up to growers to provide their plants with enough resources for a fruitful harvest.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds description

Northern Lights auto seeds become cultivars with amazing flavors and beautiful colas. Their gorgeous appearance and delectable scents compliment their relaxing effects.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds grow into plants with roughly 12–14% THC levels. Smoke the buds cautiously as they have different effects depending on your tolerance. A chilled afternoon joint can quickly become a slumber party if you overindulge.

The flowers of Northern Lights auto seeds contain less than 2% CBD. Consumers are more likely to experience a potent mental buzz than a body high.

Northern Lights autoflower effects

The fame of Northern Lights auto flower is mainly due to its amazing effects and tastes. A few puffs of these delectable nuggets induce a calm, relaxing high that melts away tension and stress.

When they mature, Northern Lights autoflower seeds crops develop flowers with a juicy layer of sticky trichomes. Most consumers report relief in stress and anxiety, among other conditions.

Northern Lights auto seeds buds contain a moderate 12–14% THC level. Smokers rarely report paranoia and dizziness as side effects and don’t become as overwhelmed as with some higher THC content buds.

The flowers of Northern Lights autoflower seeds may have a “mild” THC level, but consumers shouldn’t underestimate these buds. Smokers should still practice moderation to avoid the couch-lock sensation.

The flowers of Northern Lights auto seeds have the potential to induce an intense munchies feeling. Consumers should stock up on stacks so they can nibble on something when hunger hits.

Like most cannabis strains, Northern Lights auto flowers can leave your mouth drier than a river bed. Have something to drink nearby so you can have a sip now and then to soothe the throat.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds plants provide a range of awesome benefits. Besides the wellbeing that cultivation induces, the effects also assist with various ailments such as migraines and muscle spasms.

Northern Lights autoflower flavors

Autoflower Northern Lights seeds crops develop deliciously spicy, sweet aromas when they begin flowering. They also contain a fresh pine aroma and faint earthy, herbal notes.

The flavor and color of Northern Lights auto flowers come from various chemicals called terpenes. Let’s look at Northern Lights auto seeds’ dominant terpenes:

  • Myrcene can smell like mango, hops, or lemongrass
  • Humulene adds various earth and wood smells
  • Farnesene has a fresh green apple aroma
  • Limonene smells like lemons and other citrus fruit
  • Terpinolene produces fresh pine and citrus flavors
  • Caryophyllene adds spicy undertones
  • Linalool has various floral scents similar to lavender
  • Pinene creates pine tree scents

All plants contain a range of terpenes in various concentrations, which affects their overall flavor and appearance. Northern Lights auto flowers carry the perfect blend of spicy and sweet terpenes to give them a unique aroma.

How to germinate Northern Lights autoflower seeds

It’s quite easy to germinate Northern Lights autoflower seeds. It’s also easy to make mistakes and mess everything up. Most errors occur from a lack of patience or unpreparedness.

Prepare your grow area before you buy cannabis seeds to avoid accidents or mistakes. Once you have everything ready, it’s time to germinate your Northern Lights auto seeds.

You can germinate Northern Lights auto seeds in various ways, all of which have degrees of success. Here are the two most common germination methods:

Water bag method

The water bag method is straightforward and hassle-free. You also don’t need too many resources to germinate Northern Lights auto feminized seeds when you follow this method.

For the water bag method, you’ll need:

  • Ziplock bags
  • Purified or filtered water


  1. Place each Northern Lights autoflower seed in a small ziplock bag
  2. Put around 0.3 fluid oz of purified water in each bag
  3. Zip the bags shut and place them in a cupboard or drawer that’s dark and warm
  4. Check on your seeds regularly and ensure they have water
  5. Plant your seeds when they show signs of taproots

Germinating Northern Lights autoflower seeds gives them a better survival rate than planting them directly in the ground. The taproot increases their nutrient intake, which leads to healthier plants and higher yields.

Paper towel method

Cultivators often prefer the paper towel method to germinate their Northern Lights autoflower seeds in the U.S. The combination of consistent moisture, warmth, and darkness gives them a good chance to pop.

If you use the paper towel method, you’ll need:

  • Filtered or purified water
  • Paper towels
  • A large plate
  • Tweezers


  1. Make a paper towel wet with the purified water
  2. Place the wet paper towel on the large plate
  3. Put each Northern Lights autoflower feminized seed on the paper towel, ensuring seeds are one inch apart from each other.
  4. Use the purified water to wet another paper towel
  5. Cover the seeds with the second wet paper towel
  6. Lift the paper towels and tilt the plate over a sink to drain excess water
  7. Northern Lights auto seeds need warm, dark areas to germinate. Cupboards or drawers provide the perfect solution.
  8. Monitor your cannabis seeds and ensure the paper towels stay moist
  9. Keep an eye out for taproots and plant your seeds when they appear

Taproots have a white, thin, noodle-like appearance. When your Northern Lights auto seeds are ready for planting, they’ll have a taproot poking through the end of their shell.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds have a 24 – 120 hour germination period. Sometimes, seeds will pop on the first day, while other times, they may take up to four or five days.

In most cases, Northern Lights autoflower seeds germinate within the first few days. Keep your seeds warm, safe, and moist to speed things along.

If you’re stuck, search the web for germination guides that contain detailed Northern Lights auto seeds germination instructions. Most sites have pictures of various strains and variants and can help you grow your ganja.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds grow information

Autoflower Northern Lights seeds generally become very robust plants that carry high yields in optimal environments. They’re autoflowering plants and may require additional research and effort.

Northern Lights auto seeds aren’t beginner-friendly and can be a challenge for newbies. However, if you follow recommended growing methods, give your plants plenty of nutrients and love, you’ll have fat, juicy colas.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds become typical hybrid cultivars that display both parents’ traits. They have a typical indica appearance and the amazing autoflowering abilities of ruderalis strains.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds develop a thick, luscious canopy of leaves that have a range of light and dark tints. The flowers are also quite dark and become lighter when harvest draws near.

The flowers of Northern Lights auto seeds develop numerous white pistils that turn yellow-orange over time. They also begin oozing with resin that creates a sticky, glistening coating.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds rarely grow taller than 3 feet. Outdoors, these plants hide neatly behind a wall, and they comfortably fit inside an indoor grow tent.

Indoor growers can follow the sea of green (SOG) method when cultivating Northern Lights autoflower seeds. Their short stature makes these plants perfect for advanced methods that can increase yields.

Northern Lights auto seeds become plants that perform better in sunny, warm climates than cold, dark environments. If you plant indoors, a climate control system can help manage the temperature and light.

Outdoor growers should make the most of summer and plant their Northern Lights auto seeds in June. With enough light, nutes, and love, yields reach 25 oz per plant outdoors.

Auto seeds need plenty of light to perform at their peak. Natural cycles don’t provide Northern Lights autoflower seeds enough sunlight to reach their highest yield potential.

Indoor cultivators can bypass the need for natural light and set their cycles to a 16:8 day-night cycle. A combination of a lot of light, enough food, and care will allow Northern Lights auto seeds to yield up to 1417 oz per square meter.

Regardless of your setup, you’ll have an incredible cultivation experience. While Northern Lights autoflower seeds can pose a challenge, the buds reward the effort handsomely.

Northern Lights auto seeds demand plenty of attention and care. You’ll need to remember a few things, so your plants grow healthy, potent buds:

  • Only remove dead or damaged leaves. Unless you’re following the SOG method, you shouldn’t remove healthy foliage. Over-trimming can lower yields and potency.
  • Northern Lights autoflower seeds require a 73–80℉ temperature range to thrive. Heaters or air conditioners can regulate temperatures in indoor setups.
  • Northern Lights autoflower seeds need a neutral germination environment. During their vegging and flowering stages, the soil pH should be around 5.6–6.6.
  • Maintain a 5560% relative humidity level. Extractor fans, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers can balance the humidity and lower the risk of mold growth.
  • Northern Lights autoflower seeds should receive the highest-quality nutes to produce their best buds. You should also feed them moderately to prevent accidental overfeeding.
  • Northern Lights autoflower seeds need a moist environment to germinate. Afterward, growers should only water them when the ground is dry if they use soil, coco coir, or palm-peat mediums.
  • After Northern Lights autoflower seeds germinate, they live for around nine weeks. The end of the 9th week is the best time to harvest if you want sticky, flavorful nuggets.

Beginners should keep a Northern Lights autoflower seeds diary if it’s their first time growing Northern Lights auto feminized seeds. You can track your progress and avoid repeating mistakes.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds genetics

Northern Lights autoflower seeds are very well known, thanks to their parents. Northern Lights is extremely popular globally for its amazing effects and flavors.

The unknown ruderalis genes make Northern Lights auto seeds autoflowering variants of Northern Lights. The beauty of this mix is that the child strain has more Northern Lights traits than ruderalis features.

Northern Lights  

Northern Lights Autoflower

Unknown Ruderalis

Where to buy Northern Lights autoflower seeds

Many seed banks sell Northern Lights autoflower seeds in the U.S.A. The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana seeds and products opened the doors to abundance.

Always check local laws and limitations before you buy Northern Lights autoflower seeds in the U.S. While most states allow the consumption and cultivation of cannabis, some states are still waiting for approval.

When you confirm that you can buy Northern Lights auto seeds, head to the Homegrown Cannabis Co to find your favorite marijuana seeds. There are hundreds of available strains, and you can ship them throughout the U.S.A.

Click here to learn more about the strain and to buy Northern Lights autoflower seeds. You can even find a “buy one get one free” promotion that offers free seeds with your purchase.

Growing Northern Lights autoflower seeds yourself

Northern Lights autoflower seeds are fantastic seeds to cultivate and offer amazing rewards. All you need is a bit of research, good nutrients, and lots of love. With the perfect combination of resources, your buds will be oozing with resin within weeks.

Regardless of your cannabis growing experience, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with these cultivars. Although they can be challenging to grow, Northern Lights auto seeds reward you every step of the way.

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