Nephrotic Syndrome Symptoms

Acute nephritic syndrome can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. These symptoms may develop suddenly pklikes, or they may be gradual and go unnoticed for many months. Both types of nephritis can cause damage to the kidneys, causing scarring. If left untreated, chronic nephritic syndrome can lead to chronic kidney failure, and ultimately kidney transplantation.

Patients with systemic disease are also at risk for the onset of the symptoms. Some patients experience a rash, arthralgias, abdominal pain, or a red cell cast. Acute nephritic syndrome can result in high blood pressure pklikes com login. Nephrotic syndrome symptoms may also be associated with malaise or nausea. The urine will typically contain high concentrations of red blood cells, which leak from damaged glomeruli.

People with acute nephritis may require hospitalization, and treatment depends on the severity of their condition. Treatment may include antibiotics, bedrest, and limiting fluid intake. Limiting potassium intake may be required. Blood tests may be performed to monitor kidney function and detect underlying conditions. Dialysis may also be necessary, as if the patient doesn’t respond to therapy, the kidneys could fail wikipous.

Acute nephritic syndrome is a set of kidney disorders that affect the function of the glomerulus. The kidneys filter blood and excrete waste, but they do not filter enough. As a result, protein and blood are excreted in the urine, which leads to swelling of the body. Blood in the urine is a symptom of the disease and must be treated postinghub.

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