NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Builder Predictions – What To Expect In 2K22 MyPlayer Builder

If you were to asked that what is the most important aspect of any NBA 2K game? what would you say? for the majority of 2K players, we think the answer is clearly gameplay and how to buy mt 2k22. gameplay is always going to be the big determining fact on if 2K is good if it’s fun if there is a skill gap, etc. but when it comes to the part for ProAm and anything that revolves MyPlayer Builder, it’s just as important as the gameplay. 2K started talking about 2K22 a little bit, they released the cover, they talked about the demo and how there will be no cross play in 2K22. they told us there’s going to be current gen and next gen 2K22. but we haven’t heard much about the builder going into 2K22, but just looking back at past 2Ks, we can make some trustworthy assumptions. Some things might go south with the 2K22 builder, and here is why:

#1 Major Update might only happen once in two years

The first reason is if we look back at the past couple 2Ks, there is a pattern. NBA 2K18, the game that many of you really hated, they introduced double archetypes. you might remember this, it was shot creating sharpshooter, playmaking shot creator, or slashing point forward, and then what happened to 2K19? they took that double archetypes and put it back in, they tweaked it a little bit with maybe slightly different badges and attributes to try to balance it a little better, but essentially we had the same builder two years in a row. in NBA 2K20, they introduced pie charts. you choose the pie chart that you want, like the slashing and play making, then you go in and you’re able to customize your attributes to your liking to an extent. there are cat breakers for every attribute depending on the pie chart that you pick, but essentially that was the builder for 2K20. so then what happened in the next game? NBA 2K21 current gen basically has the same builder except they added a few new pie charts and tweaked the attributes a little bit. they tried to balance it out a little bit more, the builds that were super overpowered maybe they lowered a couple of attributes or made it a little harder to get as many badges and NBA 2K22 MT. but for the most part, it was the same builder as the year before. a few months later, NBA 2K21 next gen comes out, they introduce a completely new builder that is essentially fully customizable for the most part and that’s where it ends. the next game that’s going to come out is NBA 2K22, they’re dropping current gen and next gen on the same day. so what does this mean? well, if we follow the pattern of the last four NBA games that dropped, it’s the cycle of two. every two years, they’ve been dropping a new builder.

#2 No Actual 2K Game Player Test Out The Game First

We’re not saying the next gen builder is bad, there was a lot of promise with it. it was actually overall a pretty cool idea, but where it went wrong? the testers that they bring in are not 2K players. all the YouTubers and gamers on twitch, the people that spend day and night playing this game are not invited to test out the new game, it just doesn’t make sense. the problem that had to happen with NBA 2K21 next gen where the power forwards got double the badges of everyone, no matter how good the gameplay was, no matter how fun the game was, instantly that handicaps the park game mode. because if you’re not running on the same exact six seven power forward build, you’re at a huge disadvantage, immediately off the rip and lost tons of NBA 2K22 PC MT. so now the game becomes very repetitive because everyone has the same build. they can’t mess the builder up, if you do, no matter how good the gameplay is, the park is going to take a huge hit.

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