NBA 2K22 Guide – Cover Athletes, Steam Price, Pre Order Rewards

This post present everything you need to know about the upcoming NBA 2K222 including the cover athletes, pre-order rewards and NBA 2K22 steam price.

How Much Is NBA 2K22 Steam- Pre Purchase Price

How much is NBA 2K22 steam? The pre order of this work has been started. You can choose different versions according to your needs. Some players don’t know the specific price. Here we bring you NBA 2K22 pre order price sharing. Let’s have a look.

The standard edition is $59.99 and the 75th Anniversary Edition is $99.99. NBA 2k22 puts the whole basketball world in your hands.

Pre-ordering a copy of any edition of NBA 2K22 will net you a number of additional extras. It includes 5,000 Virtual Currency (VC), 5,000 MyTEAM MT 2K22, and 10 MyTeam Promo Packs in addition to the Standard Edition’s other bonuses. Players that pre-order Luka Doncic’s jersey will also receive a 95 overall player card, as well as the jersey itself.

The WNBA Edition offers the same excellent incentives as the standard edition. It includes 100,000 VC, 10,000 NBA 2K MT, 10 MyTeam tokens, and 22 MyTeam promo packs in addition to the Legends Edition along with some great packs.

– Start a “fast game” and fight with real teams and players in a real NBA and WNBA environment.

– Build your own team in MyTEAM with active stars and past legends.

– Start your personal career in “MyCareer” and experience the journey from grassroots to NBA.

– You can also show your management level in the “legendary manager” and “Ultimate Team”.

Introducing NBA 2K22’s Cover Athletes

Who is the NBA 2K22 cover athletes? The official recently released the latest news of the game and announced the cover stars of the game. There are three stars. Here is an introduction to the NBA 2K22 cover athletes. Let’s see the details below.

Among the cover stars of NBA 2k22, the cover stars of NBA 75th anniversary edition are legendary veteran Kareem Abdul Jabbar, German chariot Dirk Nowitzki and ACE forward Kevin Durant who appeared on the cover for the third time.

NBA 2K cover has always been a story telling carrier and a way to show the unique and diversified background of athletes. The culture of basketball is full of vitality and goes beyond geographical boundaries. This year, we hope to present this global diversity through Charly’s unique and amazing works.

NBA 2K22 will launch three versions, including digital and physical forms: Standard Version, cross generation digital packaging and NBA 75th anniversary version.

NBA 2K22 Pre Order Rewards

What are the rewards for NBA 2K22 pre order? At present, the game has been put on the steam platform, and the pre order version content has been released. Some players don’t know it very well. Here is a list of NBA2K22 pre order special content. Let’s have a look.

Nba2k22 Pre Order Special Content List

This version contains 100000 MT 2K22, MyTEAM card bag, self created player digital good things and more good gifts!

The 75th anniversary edition contains:

  • 100000 NBA 2K22 MT Coins.
  • 10000 fantasy team points.
  • 10 MyTEAM tokens.
  • Sapphire Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Durant MyTEAM cards.
  • 22 MyTEAM promotional card packs (10 at launch and 3 per week 4 weeks after launch).
  • Diamond jordan shoe dream team card.
  • coach card dream team card bag.
  • 10 enhancements for each brilliant career skill enhancement type.
  • 10 enhancements per Gatorade boost type.
  • 4 self created player cover star T-shirts.
  • self created player backpacks and arm guards.
  • custom designed skateboards for self created players.

Pre order NBA 2k22 to get the following digital content:

  • 5000 NBA 2K22 MyTEAM MT.
  • 5000 MyTEAM points.
  • 10 MyTEAM promotion kits (distributed weekly).
  • 1 boost for each brilliant career skill type.
  • 1 boost per Gatorade enhancement type.
  • Luka doncic’s own player Jersey.
  • Comprehensive review of 95 Luka doncic dream team Free Agent Card “.

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