Much about solar water heaters in Kenya as far as their prices are concerned

The world keeps evolving in terms of technology. Solar water heating is among the trending practices that occur in the current world. It is then embraced since its output is generally satisfying. Furthermore, it eases the workload of increasing the temperature of water through other manual ways.

A solar water heater is an appliance that taps the sun’s power(solar) toheat water via a liquid reserved for heat transfer. This is done by transforming the captured radiation to consumable heat energyby enablingliquid purposed for heat transfer pass through the heat exchanger.

Solar water heaters come in different types, sizes, quality, and even from different manufacturing industries. This means their effective output and prices differ. Generally, the price of a solar water heater in Kenya ranges from approximately ksh50,000 to as high as ksh200,000. However the prices could keep fluctuating based on the demand or even the county’s economy status.

The following are reasons for the difference in prices among the diverse forms of solar water heater in Kenya.


Durable equipment will generally have a standardized price based on its type. Comparing it with the one that is less durable, it will tend to have a higher price with the gap between the two varying depending onthe difference of their durability.So it’s upon the buyer to choose on which solar water heater and carry on through. 


The voltage of a solar water heater directly affects its output.A high voltage solar water heater will have a high output and vice versa. This means when in meaning of such a device with a high output, the one with a higher voltage is considered. The price in this case also rises with an increase in voltage and so when getting one, such factors should be considered.

After sales services

You cannot expect a company, a whole sale or even a retailer to offer you services such as packaging, transportation and installation services to price their commodities same as those who don’t  offer this services. Thisalso happens with solar water heaters and is a true reflection of solar water heater price in Kenya.

Manufacturing company

Different companies in Kenya set their commodity prices differently and sometimes the competition is unfavorablebetween the companies and thus; the price of the same commodity on various companies candiffer and so, finding a company that can favor your ideals could be difficult or in such a case, based on luck.


Haven’t you ever boughtequipment and that don’t work effectively?Probably not.Bringing home appliances that doesn’t work effectively could be annoying and so getting a better one is satisfying. This has to match with it’s price. A well functioning commodity tends to be costly as compared to the one that “disturbs”. This happens as well with a solar water heater


Thinking of the different qualities possessed by a solar water heater, getting one that suits you and your respective cash will be appropriate and with no complaints.

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